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aluminum: beyond preciousness to value: although aluminum trails steel in overall vehicle application, it is slowly but surely increasing in application as vehicle manufacturers look for ways to reduce mass without sacrificing safety.

by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-11-02
Due to the relative rarity of aluminum, aluminum was considered a \"precious metal\" in the first half of the 19 th century \".
At the Paris Exhibition in 1855, an aluminum bar was displayed as a miracle.
Of course, aluminum is common now.
In some ways, however, it seems a bit expensive in North American vehicle applications, at least if we don\'t have engine blocks and wheels.
In fact, when you see the body app in the USS.
Compared to the doors, hoods, fenders and deck covers produced for European manufacturers, the difference is amazing.
According to Thomas P.
Gannon, vice president, sales and marketing of industrial and automotive products, Alkan aluminum(
M) Mount Farmington
Aluminum doors are not produced in North America.
At the same time, in Europe, the aluminum door is for the value of 350,000 US dollars Maybach (A)
Volkswagen Lupo is priced at $12 k.
Automobile manufacturers using lightweight materials not only include well-known brands such as Jaguar (B)
Aston Martin, Lotus and Audi, and more accessible cars like smart and Peugeot.
In fact, maybe the Europeans have crossed the aluminum bars in the glass box, and the United StatesS.
With a few exceptions, manufacturers are still looking for aluminum through the grass.
This is not to say that aluminum is not used in large quantities in North America. It is.
Gannong said that the overall transportation market is the largest aluminum user in North America, and the passenger car market is the largest in the transportation market, accounting for about 5.
3 billion of things.
When looking at the car from the point of view of weight, aluminum is the third largest
Old material after steel.
\"It surpassed 2 pounds of plastic in 2001,\" Gannon said.
We are widening the gap, only a few pounds away from the iron.
We may surpass the iron by 2007.
\"Steelmakers may not be too worried because they raise the weight of the scale to around 1,800.
In a car, the second place is only a little more than 300.
According to a report by Ducker world, \"the global automotive aluminum content is predicted to be 2010\", it is expected to be 318.
Aluminum used by light vehicles in North America by 2010.
Gannon said they were more optimistic about the Alcan and thought the average was more likely to reach 350.
The reason for more use is weight-based savings and vehicles that consumers are clearly looking (1)
Facilities and (2)large.
So, in order to have electric doors, seats, windows, etc.
Navigation system for the third row of seats (C)
And so on, all of this adds weight, and automakers have to find ways and means to reduce quality elsewhere, which can lead to them choosing aluminum instead of steel, because the rule of thumb is, A pound of aluminum can replace 2 pounds of steel.
Second, the problem of scale.
One problem with sports utility vehicles is their high center of gravity.
Gannon recommends that one way to keep the vehicle size without lowering the center of gravity is to use the aluminum body panel: \"You can reduce the weight of the vehicle without sacrificing the size or strength.
\"While aluminum may be lighter, he believes that aluminum handles collision energy well in a predictable way, so\" light \"is not equal to\" fragile \"or\" unsafe \".
\"One of the considerations about what is still quality material (
This situation may continue, at least compared to steel)
Is to maintain its value.
Gannon quoted a closed
Alcan and Ford developed a recycling process at the Ford Chicago Mill.
There, some people covered the hood.
3 million per year. There is offal. And there is (probably)some scrap.
The aa61 11 scrap remains isolated from other materials.
It was bundled and shipped to Oswego, NY, factory in Alcan, where it melted and rolled back into the aluminum sheet.
The paper is then shipped back to the Chicago studios where it can be converted into more hoods.
This material does not degrade, so it is the hoodto-
Hood, not hood-to-engine block (
Gannon admits that this would be the case if other aluminum alloys were mixed with aa61 11).
So the problem here is that value can be achieved by reusing materials. (
In Europe, OEMs need to process the recycling of used products, which helps to justify the use of aluminum. )A. )
The wheelbase of Maybach 57 is 133. 5 in. ;
The wheelbase of Maybach 62 is 150. 7 in.
The latter claims to be the world\'s longest-producing car (
Total length: 242. 5 in. ).
The door is a study of aluminum.
The door is made not only of aluminum, but also of other components.
There are multiple windows around.
The chamber where the laser is welded together is squeezed.
Including Hot Super Plastic Forming (up to 500[degrees]C)
And pressure for the production of internal components and hinge reinforcement.
Other aluminum panels on the Maybach body housing are the roof, hood and front fender.
The overall weight of the Maybach 57 body shell is 1,289. ; it\'s 1,368 lb.
For Maybach 62. B. )
XJ8 is aluminum-
This is clearly a pioneer in what Jaguar will do over time, such as producing XK alternatives (the X150).
Here is the R-06 concept.
It has an aluminum chassis.
The body combines aluminum and composites. The 21-in.
Of course, the wheels are also aluminum.
However, it does not have an aluminum engine block.
V6 diesel (
This will be in 5-Type mid-2004)
There are compacted graphite iron blocks. C. )
Apparently, to offset the weight of the third row of seats in the Yukon, GM engineers replaced the lifting doors of the GMT 830 vehicle with aluminum.
According to Gannon, stamping aluminum parts run at the same speed as steel parts.
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