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Blow molds: product lines reviewed.

by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-10-31
Full-on-abramo associates-
Injection molding product design and Tool Engineering services with CAD function.
Services include tool manufacturing, repair and refurbishment and completion of the followinghouse mold-
Testing capability of units and production tools.
The company will assist the customer to start-
Provide training workshops on machining, trouble shooting and tool maintenance.
Full turnkey service is available.
Manufacturing of alloy tools and molds. CORP.
Manufacturing blow molding molds and related tools for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal
Market containers for food, beverages, automobiles, household and industrial chemicals.
The technical center of the company provides CAD/CAM and CNC design services.
Repairs, renovations and revisions to wear and tear and existing molds are possible.
B & G Industries
Provides extrusion blow molding and injection molding molds, as well as CAD design, processing, modeling and casting services.
Professional container and PET tooling.
Bekum Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Blow molding mold can be used for injection blow molding, re-heat blow molding and up to 750-
Gal Capacity of extrusion blow molding process.
Complete testing and prototyping facilities for all molds and all strikes
Molded resin including co-extrusion and industrial applications.
Blow mold tooling (1972)LTD.
Design and manufacture of extrusion and injection blow molding molds.
Complete tooling engineering and design services including product design and development, model and master of replication are provided.
The mold is made of aircraft aluminum, beryllium copper or pre-hardened and stainless steel.
The company specializes in the production of molds for bottles, cans and handles.
The capacity of cosmetics, household and food is up to 5 gal.
Broadway Company Limited
Main high-
High quality blow molding mold
Mass production facilities for the production of carbonated beverage containers.
The mold was made by an airplane.
Custom grade aluminum or steel
Manufactured for customer equipment in sizes ranging from 6 ounces to 5 gallons.
Services include model, copy, EDM, CAD, mold design, construction, repair and prototype development.
Bronson plastic Co. , Ltd.
Captive plastic Limited
Specially made injection molding molds for containers and special parts.
Design facilities are provided.
The equipment includes copiers, tracking lathes, precision-
Forming grinder, EDM and various fixtures-
Drilling machinery and electrical bow engraving equipment. CENTURY DIE CO.
Company mold for 1-2 oz to 6-
Qt container, made of aluminum or beryllium copper. EPW INC.
Specializing in the construction of prototypes and production molds for blow, reaction injection, resin transfer, foam and rotary molding.
The facilities include engineering personnel, model workshop, mold workshop, rigging department, CAD/CAM Department, CNC machining center and large coordinate measuring instrument.
The mold is made of epoxy laminated material, aluminum-
Pouring epoxy resinto-
Dimensions or processing of aluminum, nickel shells or processed steel.
FGH systems
Complete blow molding packaging is provided and details are processed from the initial container design to the final bottle.
It is a professional to finish the mold of the container without secondary trimming.
Blow molding machines for prototype work and testing can be provided.
Fremont plastic mould Co. , Ltd.
Complete service in one location including design, casting, processing and model making.
Heise industries designs and manufactures extrusion and injection blow molding molds from aircraft
Aluminum grade, copper grade and various steel grade.
The company\'s services include initial part development, mold design and construction, all the relevant tools of the molding machine and the molding parts that are provided for evaluation.
The mold model is generated on a CAD/CAM system integrated with the CNC machine.
The company is increasing production capacity in Kansas City, Missouri.
Located in the Midwest, California and Mexico, the service is more comprehensive.
Although the company has designed and manufactured a full set of blow molding tools for all types of resin and parts configuration, it specializes in industrial molds for engineering resins.
Design and manufacture using CAD and CNC machining, EDM, gun drill, accessory press and engraving machinery.
The company has the ability to sample molds.
The materials used include P-20 tool steel; cast aluminum;
6061, 7075 and QC-
7 aluminum plate;
And the bronze of the blades.
Provide service of product development, mold repair, model making, casting cavity, engraving and copying.
International pattern and mold company manufactures wood pattern and model for cast aluminum blow molding mold.
Can accommodate any size, including molds with complex profiles.
More than 150 Italian companies of the Italian Trade Commission produce extrusion and injection blow molding molds for packaging, industrial applications (
Auto parts
And toy making.
Information is available from this central source.
Johnson Control
Plastic Machinery Division
Complete container, mold manufacturing and Tooling Services are provided, as well as a range of extrusion and injection blow molding machines that can be used for containers in sizes ranging from several cubic centimeters to more than 100 gallons.
The technical service center is located in California, Michigan and New Jersey. JOMAR CORP.
Injection mold services include product design, tool design, sample tools, production tools and automatic pick-upaway equipment.
The machines and tools have complete manufacturing facilities, as do the layout and installation help. Complete in-
Indoor mold testing is also provided through the company\'s R & D center. KENNEDY TOOL-DIE, INC.
Production of container extrusion blow molding molds from 1 oz to 82 gallons.
The company manufactures molds for processed bottles, dairy gallons, toys and auto parts and specializes in complex configurations.
Plastic oil tank molds are also produced.
Every operation from cutting the original plate to final hand-made is now computerized. R. C.
Design and repair injection molding and blow molding molds.
Copy service is also available.
Knight Tools Limited
Production and prototype production, as well as all related tools, to establish extrusion and injection molds.
Main neck-
Complete construction and downstream tooling.
The company provides CAD engineering/design, processing, modeling and mold repair.
Blow molding dies are made of aluminum, beryllium copper and a variety of steel.
Free mold & Copy company
Professional manufacturer of small injection molding mold.
Laurie Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Make blow molding dies with cutting copy cavity, EDM and casting cavity.
Complete manufacturing capability for medium sized enterprisesto large-
A size blow molding mold made of aluminum, Kirksite and beryllium copper. P. S. H.
Industrial Company.
Prototype injection molding and blow molding mold using spray metal
The process has reportedly reduced costs and manufacturing time. PLASTI-
Casting mould & Products Company
Provide aluminum casting and finished die for blow molding. Leather, wood-
Texture and texture surfaces are a feature.
PORTAGE casting mould company
Design and manufacture aluminum blow molding molds for casting or processing.
Large molds under 15 tons are a professional.
Patterns and models
Services are also provided.
Company offer-house mold-
Designer, in-
On-site aluminum casting and completion of mold manufacturing workshop.
Protosus, INC.
Professional spray-
The company provides complete services from concept to pre-production parts using CNC machining, CAD/CAM and EDM.
Rao Design Engineering & Management Service Co. , Ltd.
Professionally design and manufacture blow molding molds for extrusion and injection containers and provide all relevant tools.
There are many standard shapes of molds in stock, from 1 oz to 1 gallon.
Prototypes are also provided.
The company has multiple extrusion blow molding, injection molding, injection molding machine.
Ruika blow molding mould Co. , Ltd.
Provide a full range of services.
Complete product design, mold engineering and mold manufacturing with fully integrated CAD/CAM technology.
Professional products include packaging, automotive and industrial applications.
Consultation on handling can be provided. SARCOL INC.
Blow molding dies for ceramics, steel, beryllium copper, or beryllium nickel provide complete pattern, casting and finishing operations.
Also provide full castingflow, fast-
Circulation channel cooling, which is said to result in a long period of coolinglife, high-
The cycle of the production mold is as fast as the aluminum mold.
Schulz tools, INC.
Design and manufacture blow molding molds and provide product design and complete engineering services.
3-drawings of production products and molds
CAD/CAM system.
The mold is made with the help of a CNC machining center, digitizer and a multi-spindle copier.
Accessories such as molds, core rods, blow pins, knives and decorative tools can be provided, as well as trimming and discharging machines.
The company also carries out maintenance and modification and provides consultation. SEAJAY MFG. CORP.
The capacity of extrusion blow molding dies for production containers and industrial parts is 25 gal.
The materials used are aluminum, copper and steel.
Services are available in various markets, from cosmetics to industrial parts.
The company also offers a full half
Automatic deflating machine. SNIDER MOLD CO. , INC.
Design and manufacture large blow molding dies for processing aluminum and steel.
Suwei Automobile Co. , Ltd.
Production of extrusion blow molding molds up to 50-
Including industrial parts, automobiles (e. g. , air-
Air conditioning pipes, gas tanks)
And display cabinets. STAN-CAST, INC.
Manufacture blow molding molds and injection molding molds and provide a complete mold manufacturing facility that includes cnc edm copy and casting tool steel, aluminum, and beryllium copper.
Ceramic and pressure castings are also provided.
The SUPREME tool group specially manufactures cast aluminum and beryllium copper blow molding molds for automotive applications.
It is reported that a complete engineering package is provided from development to operation.
Technology company
Blow molding molds, wax models and all Elecko series processes are available.
Manufacturing injection molds by tredegar tooling field, specializing in production 2-to 32-oz containers.
Unicast Development Company
The company\'s casting process involves making ceramic molds from the original model.
Then cast the metal mold in the ceramic mold.
It is reported that most alloys can be used, including steel, beryllium copper and aluminum.
Walker model & Mold
Provide extrusion blow molding mold of 5-gal drums to 5-oz containers.
Trash cans, toys and other applications are all possible.
Wentworth mould Co. , Ltd.
Canadian company that designs and designs extrusion and injection blow molding molds.
The mold is made by hand.
Forged, specially heated
It is reported that the treated aluminum has long life, high thermal conductivity and high compressive strength.
Molds can be customized for special equipment.
Wheeler boysA full-
Precision casting service provider-
Aluminum mold for blow molding. Total in-
Factory services include model making, pattern making, casting, finishing, assembly and delivery.
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