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cnc machined guitar bridge - made at techshop

by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-10-25
In this Instructure, I will show you how I can make a bridge base for my carbon fiber acoustic guitar using the ShopBot CNC machine and software provided by Techshop.
I designed the bridge based on the signature bridge of the Bashkin guitar and made some minor changes.
I copied the bridge slot and small hole layout from another student in my workshop.
I already included it.
STL 3D model of my bridge, and 2D tracking of shapes in photos.
In order to make a beautiful bridge, you definitely don\'t need to use a CNC machine.
I have found a lot of discussions online on how to build bridges with hand tools and traditional routers.
There are also a lot of good books detailing the traditional process of building a guitar, including bridge construction.
A book I found at the local library helped me understand and install the bridge, which is to build your own acoustic guitar --
Jonathan Kincaid
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