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CNC machining center CNC machining centers with automatic tool change device is the equipment. This kind of configuration of the machining center can realize automatic processing way

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
CNC machining center tool storage installation and tool change action is different, can be divided into the disc knife library, hat to libraries and chain knife library. The hat to dao library change rate slightly lower shortcomings, customers can choose in small machining center, using multiple configuration is now cutting disc library, this is a simple introduction of CNC machining center cutter disk library instruction tool changer and programming knowledge. In dao instruction is of the important operation for machining parts, machining center in finish machining process must be kept cutter replacement to ensure timely and accurate processing of next procedure. In library change knife main instructions have knife library positive &negative, tool set of instructions, choose a knife to the nearest number. Simply knife library tool change program there are two major types, one is all movements controlled by PLC program, another kind is a change order has complete control the macro program. Step with PLC control, cutting disc library in dao general component is chosen and in dao two in action, in using machining center, start to choose knife instructions knife, tool change action during tool change. This operation to save the time of the knife, so the disc knife library of manipulator tool change time is much faster than at upstream knife library. Macro program programming is relatively simple, easy to change the program process, analysis of debugging more convenient, in the disc knife library of macro program generally choose a knife macro program, another is in knife macro program, using the macro program is the most simple way in tool change programs.
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