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Computer numerical control machining CNC hardware accessories processing, is widely used in the manufacturing of a processing technology, also can saying is

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
CNC hardware accessories processing, moreover, can be very easy to realize flexible manufacturing system, in fact, if learn CNC hardware accessories processing would not be difficult, so to speak, as long as you play mobile phone, can use CNC, just, before learning CNC, it's best to learn the processing principle of conventional machine tools, and drawing with tolerance of what the basic knowledge of mechanical manufacturing, and then say that effect is good. In short, ordinary machine tool is directly controlled machine tool for processing, and CNC is a person through the control of CNC system hardware accessories processing, to control the machine tool processing, so as to realize more complex high speed machining. Number 1, the amount of cutting tools, processing shape of tooling parts don't need to be mixed and disorderly. If you want to change the shape and dimensions of the parts, only need to modify the parts processing process, apply to new product research and development and modification. 2, CNC metal parts machining quality is stable, high precision, high repeat precision, aircraft to meet the demand of the processing. 3, variety and small batch production situations produce high power, can cut production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection ( Process inspection means to prevent unqualified products into the next working procedure, and for each working procedure processing products and the main process factors affecting the product quality of inspection) Moment, machining center, and with better cutting quantity and cut the cutting point. 4, machining practice way is difficult to type of surface, can even machining parts of some cannot be observed. Ordinary milling machine price is low, but when mass production efficiency is low, the processing quality is affected by technical level of workers, consistency processing is not good. CNC machining batch production with high efficiency, good consistency and stable quality. But the cost of a machine tool equipment valuable, processing quantity when programming to spend more time, don't buy, for repair personnel with high level
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