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Does Mingquan have forwarder?
Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd. has cooperative freight forwarders who are as happy as we are to review your needs and assess how to benefit your business. We can arrange transportation for you if you need it – whether through our own model service, other suppliers or a combination of the two.

The improving status in precision machining industry has shown the popularity of Mingquan. Mingquan's main products include stainless steel shaft series. The fabrics used for Mingquan 316 stainless steel shaft manufacture are in line with Global Organic Textile Standards. They have got certification from OEKO-TEX. It can be utilized on mechanical equipment, electromechanical equipment, communication equipment, etc. This product has a wide market application in the industry by virtue of outstanding features. It will prolong the service life of the equipment.

our company will continue to grow under the concept of aluminum parts, while bringing benefits to all stakeholders. Inquire!
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