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Engraving and milling machine of choose and buy before you have to know the knowledge

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-18
Engraving and milling machine of choose and buy before you have to know a lot of knowledge of nc machine tool manufacturer in the market now, didn't get unified specifications of machine and many buyers is also not clear, the following will share with you the engraving and milling machine knowledge of choose and buy, is what kind of will know you are looking for engraving and milling machine. For the difference between the carving machine and carving and milling machine, a lot of people are not clear. People intuitively sense is slightly below is engraving machine, large-format is engraving and milling machine, or carving machine and ornamental engraving and milling machine, or simply referred to large carving machine. In fact they are two different types of the structure of the machine, but the principle is roughly same, is driven by three axis X, Y, Z, controlled by the electronic controller to move. Engraving and milling machine must try carving, before the choose and buy before buying engraving and milling machine, in order to guarantee your investment recovery, should let the sales staff or by your operation, myself to try what you usually do live vulture. Computing efficiency at the same time, to observe the effect, the testing machine performance fully, truly accomplish know fairly well. At the same time also note the following four o 'clock. Choose appropriate models bring bring bring so small shop advertising signs first-time buyers, the main production of solid lamp, crystal words, double color boards, badges and other purposes, shall be the choose and buy advertising level, but also should further refine the machine configuration, double color boards, such as the main do is sure to configure the floating head, because it can guarantee that in the large section of double color boards carving time word depth is consistent, but saw are mainly used for organic glass, crystal will be equipped with more than 800 w high power of spindle. Otherwise with low power and high precision of the spindle heavy work for a long time, will accelerate bearing wear, loss of accuracy. Specific nature of work bring bring bring don't think that I would have to buy a CNC engraving and milling machine can do all the work, the CNC engraving and milling machine is divided into various types, in order to deal with a variety of different processing tasks. Level, for example, you have to buy a mould CNC engraving and milling machine to carve double color boards, or buy a large CNC engraving and milling machine to engraving seals, cause huge waste of all this, and they could not get good effect. Delivery and training bring bring bring CNC engraving and milling machine, after the arrival of the goods by technical staff are out of the door commonly testing machine, after the electricity, carefully check whether the appearance is damaged, whether to suffer damage in transport. Such as intact, do not contract with random manual counting machine configuration with accessories. By technical personnel for machine installation, Including the hardware installation, demolition of fixed pieces, place the machine. In a variety of cable connection power. Software installation, configuration, installation of choose and buy computer engraving software) 。 Installed, based on the testing image file provided by the manufacturer tested carving machines, such as carving test correctly, after acceptance of delivery. Signed a contract to bring bring bring after the decision to buy, the first thing you do is to sign a contract with vendor, the contract should indicate the type of the purchase, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery methods, training methods, warranty terms, and payment terms and other elements. After the contract signing, usually should pay a certain amount of the deposit as stipulated in the contract ( Have the spot except) 。 Engraving and milling machine automation through up-down material spindle. Loading of carving and milling machine, the shaft conveyor belt grab artifacts from the side and to the processing area, the short stroke chip ensures that the shorter the time. This process can be extremely flexible use of various cutting tools. In addition, two carving and milling machine and a rotating units can be combined into one - flexible production unit In a process of fully one side and the other side such as the numerical control turning machining. And through the Y axis can be integrated into the knife tower processing is very complicated 'partial' geometry of the workpiece.
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