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Engraving machine, carved machine, engraving and milling machine and the difference between relations

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-16
Engraving machine, carved machine, engraving and milling machine the difference and relationship of nc machine tool and kind of points a lot of kinds, as also there are many, many people cannot tell the difference between them, most of the time also does not have a clear dividing line, just according to the configuration design and processing requirements of the device itself will distinguish, we have carved a common machine, carved machine, engraving and milling machine, then what are they and what's the difference between the same place? The next time will explain it with all of you. Engraving machine spindle speed

it fitted her for small tool processing, torque is small, focuses on 'carving' functions, such as wood, Specialized processing board called wood carving machine) , double-color board, acrylic board of hardness is not high, not a great work for the strong cutting pieces. Most 'engraving machine banner currently on the market of products is mainly for processing craft, low cost, because the accuracy is not high, should not be used in the mold development; But there are exceptions such as chip engraving machine. Carving processing because of the particularity of its cutting tools need to be quite a small Angle control.

carved machine as the name suggests. Is precise carving, can also be milling, carving machine on the basis of increasing the main spindle, servo motor, power lathe bed tolerance, while maintaining the high-speed spindle, more important is a high accuracy. Carved machine for high speed CNC system, spindle speed of about 3000 ~ 30000 RPM, carved CNC machine for small milling, or soft metal processing equipment, CNC carved machine moving part of the rigid requirements good moving parts than a rigid to flexible journey, as less as possible, while maintaining a certain rigidity. Can compare small processing, high machining accuracy. For soft metal for high speed machining; Disadvantages: due to the poor rigidity so impossible for heavy cutting.

carving and milling machine carving and milling machine carving and milling, is the transition between carved machine and processing center. Compared with carved machine, its advantage is stronger rigidity of machine, higher machining efficiency, large power, fast and suitable for soft metal heavy cutting. Compared to machining center advantages are: soft metals such as copper, aluminum die faster, finish machining speed is more efficient. Its drawbacks should not be for large workpiece thick, heavy cutting. Engraving and milling machine to high speed development, generally known as the high speed machine, cutting ability is stronger, the machining accuracy is very high, also can be directly processed material hardness above HRC60, forming at a time.

we can see that, machining products, engraving and milling machine is can do fine carving machine and can do not, in turn, the main products, so why do so many kinds of models? From the cost and production efficiency, of course, is a special equipment to do special good, different companies on the market is not the same as the research concept and in-depth industry so models will also be different.
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