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Gantry machining center of choose and buy what time do you want to know

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-27
Gantry machining center of choose and buy what time do you want to know the

gantry machining center is a kind of heavy duty nc machine tools, is now more of a machine tool used in industry, but the gantry machining center and general machining center has a certain difference, so the choose and buy gantry machining center, which we should pay attention to detail? Here, and everyone said said.

1。 Processed objects selected to determine the object before the choose and buy, must first clear object for processing. In general, have the following characteristics of parts suitable for machining center, more working procedure refers to the intensive workpiece on a workpiece need to use many of the cutting tool machining. Repeat and machining is suitable for production of sheet small batch production. Small batch refers to the 1 - 100 pieces of each batch number is not much, but need to repeat the production. In addition, even if the shape of workpiece size is different, but it is similar to the workpiece, easy to implement group machining process of parts. Complex shape parts mould, aviation parts such as complicated shape workpiece, can use the automatic programming technology in machining center processing various special-shaped parts. 2. Gantry machining center specifications of the selected

according to determine the size of the machining size, determine the corresponding machine tool table size and three linear coordinate system. Metal processing WeChat, content is good, worthy of attention. Should guarantee the workpiece on the workbench dimension can smooth the clamping workpiece, processing size must be within the coordinate travel, in addition to consider change the coordinates and space interference zone limits.

3。 Gantry machining center, precision of the selected user according to the requirements of the workpiece machining precision, and the corresponding precision grade machine, batch production of parts, the actual processing precision numerical might be positioning accuracy of 1. 5 - 2 times. 8 normal machine batch processing precision of the workpiece, precision machine tools machining precision can be up to 5 - Level 6, but to have a constant temperature process conditions, such as so precise machine tool use strictly, the price is high. 4. Gantry machining center of dao database is a manufacturer of selected processing center for the same kind of specifications of the machine tool, usually 2 - Three different capacity of knife library, users in the selected, can according to the result of the machining process analysis to determine the required quantity, usually need a component in a clamping tool number needed to determine the capacity of knife library, because in the other parts processing, need to arrange the cutting tool, or cutting tool management complex and error prone. 5. The selection gantry machining center function and accessories selected processing center ( Gantry milling machine) , in addition to the basic function and basic parts, and provides users according to their own requirements of the use function and accessories, according to choose function, choose the attachment. Metal processing, with the development of numerical control technology, selection of content is more and more, its a price on the host and the proportion of also more and more big, so a lot attachment not clear purpose is not economic, the so-called 'encounter' the guiding ideology is essentially a waste of the order. So chosen by comprehensive analysis, providing appropriate consider long-term factors.

select main functions for the numerical control system, that kind of price increase is not much, but to bring a lot of convenience to use function, should be appropriate configuration is complete, and can be more than one common machine tool accessories, can consider multi-usage, but must consider interface is universal.

now the market competition is large, many companies have launched the installment payment, so everyone in gantry machining center of choose and buy when pressure and risk will be relatively small lot.

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