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How are materials used by Mingquan for producing aluminium machined parts ?
Our responsibility for quality starts with the selection of materials. We have a responsibility to make sure our suppliers take care of their materials. We use industry-wide guidelines to assess their materials and select only the best. And before we put the raw materials into production, we have a materials testing procedure. Our expert team will carefully test the materials to ensure that they are suitable for processing and meet the safety and quality requirements. Our strict quality control over raw materials ensures you only get high-quality and high-performing aluminium machined parts .

With technical personnel and equipment, Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd. is advanced in precision machining industry. Mingquan's main products include machining parts series. The fabrics used for Mingquan aluminum parts manufacture are in line with Global Organic Textile Standards. They have got certification from OEKO-TEX. It is strong enough to sustain all the forces it is designed for. A full in-house laboratory is available to ensure the consistency and quality of the raw material. No surface defects such as porosity, scratches, dents or holes can be found on it.

There is no limit on the road of pursuing good quality for our stainless steel shaft. Get more info!
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