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How to choose the tool path for CNC machining?

How to choose the tool path for CNC machining?


Numerical control machining,The tool path is the movement path and direction of the tool relative to the workpiece in the process of index control,Reasonable tool path can improve machining accuracy and machining efficiency,Because it is closely related to CNC machining accuracy and surface quality of parts,tool path are mainly considered in determining the cutting route:

1. Ensure the machining accuracy of parts.

2. It is convenient for numerical calculation and reduces the workload of programming.

3. In order to improve the efficiency of CNC machining, it is necessary to find the shortest CNC machining route and reduce the idle time.

4. Minimize the number of program segments.

5. In order to ensure the roughness of workpiece contour surface after CNC machining, the final contour should be processed continuously by the last tool feed.

6. The tool's advance and retreat (cut in and cut out) routes should also be carefully considered, so as to minimize tool marks caused by tool stopping (elastic deformation caused by sudden change of cutting force) at the contour, and to avoid scratching the workpiece due to vertical cutting on the contour surface.

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