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How to contact your after-sale service division?
In order to offer you the highest quality of after sales services, Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd. has an after-sale service division to provide consultations and respond to inquiries from customers regarding all cnc maching parts factory issues. To take full advantage of customer comments, we communicate the advice received from after-sale service division and reflect it in the future services we provide. By incorporating the comments of our customers, we work to provide the highest satisfaction possible.

Mingquan's status has been greatly improved for its provided machining parts and professional service. Mingquan's main products include machining parts series. Mingquan precision machining parts is strictly tested. On-site checks are carried out following detailed checklists compiled based on customer requirements, international regulations, safety standards, and our extensive know-how. Its package can be carton box, wooden box or designated by the customer. The quality and performance of this product are backed up by qualified staff and technical knowledge. After the process of lathing, milling, grinding, fine boring, etc., its Ra is smaller than 0.1 μm.

We will never be content with past achievements for stainless steel shaft. Ask online!
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