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How to correctly choose CNC machining center?

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
1, confirm processing target. In numerous parts of the enterprise produces choosing the typical processing goal, namely the part family choice. Machining center is suitable for many varieties, small batch production. 2, process group. Select group skills, can effectively add similar parts processing bulk, with near to the power and efficiency of mass production, in the end, the small batch production. 3, choice of shaft parts is suitable. Shaft parts selection of can making full play investment benefit has very important influence. 4, processing plan. To confirm the part family of typical parts ( Master sample) Process analysis, process formulation. 5, choose standard, the precision and function. Specification, the precision and function directly affects the function of the machine tool. Together, the high cost of machining center processing time, when considering the process load, should not only consider the possibility of a machine tool processing, but also processing of the economy. Host site with machinery, lubrication, cooling and chip removal, hydraulic, pneumatic and protection can be composed of four parts, such as host part of the nc machine tools. Host parts of common problems in general are: 1) Mechanical components and debugging, device, caused by improper use of trouble; 2) Because the guide rail, spindle or meddle too much friction caused by the moving parts such as problem. 3) Mechanical parts damage or joint fault caused by bad. Host attack problems generally in transmission noise big, poor machining precision, running resistance, the mechanical parts movement does not damage, mechanical parts and so on. Poor lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic system pipe plugging and sealing of the poor, is also a common cause of host attack problem. Therefore, regular maintenance of CNC machine tool, maintenance, handling, to eradicate the phenomenon of 'three leakage' attack is an important measure. Electrical control system fault in general we can according to the habits, electrical control system fault can be divided into 'ba' and 'high voltage' wrong with two major categories, 'ba' refers to the manipulation of the system is given priority to with electronic components, integrated circuit control part.
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