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How to Monitoring and tune-up in CNC machining?

How to Monitoring and tune-up in CNC machining?


After the alignment and program debugging are completed, the workpiece can enter the automatic processing stage. In the process of automatic machining, the operator should monitor the process of cutting to prevent the quality problems and other accidents caused by abnormal cutting.

Monitoring the cutting process mainly considers the following aspects:

1. The main consideration of rough machining in process monitoring is the rapid removal of excess allowance on the workpiece surface. In the process of automatic machining, according to the set cutting parameters, the tool automatically cuts according to the predetermined cutting path. At this time, the operator should pay attention to observe the change of cutting load in the process of automatic machining through the cutting load table, and adjust the cutting parameters according to the bearing force of the cutter, so as to give full play to the maximum efficiency of the machine tool.

2. Monitoring of cutting sound in the process of automatic cutting, the sound of cutting tool cutting workpiece is stable, continuous and light, and the movement of the machine tool is stable. With the cutting process going on, when there are hard points on the workpiece, tool wear or tool clamping, the cutting process will become unstable. The instability performance is that the cutting sound changes, the tool and workpiece will collide with each other, and the machine tool will vibrate. At this time, the cutting parameters and cutting conditions should be adjusted in time. When the adjustment effect is not obvious, the machine tool should be suspended to check the condition of cutting tools and workpieces.

3.  Finish machining process monitoring , mainly to ensure the machining size and surface quality of the workpiece, high cutting speed and large feed rate. At this time, we should pay more attention to the effect of chip accretion on the machined surface. For cavity machining, we should also pay attention to the over cutting and tool passing at the corner. To solve the above problems, one is to adjust the spray position of cutting fluid to keep the machined surface in cooling condition at all times; the other is to observe the quality of the machined surface of the workpiece, so as to avoid the quality change as much as possible by adjusting the cutting parameters. If the adjustment still has no obvious effect, we should stop to check whether the original procedure is reasonable. Special attention should be paid to the position of the tool when the inspection is suspended or stopped. If the tool stops in the cutting process and the spindle stops suddenly, tool marks will be generated on the surface of the workpiece. In general, when the tool leaves the cutting state, the shutdown should be considered.

4. The quality of tool monitoring tool determines the machining quality of workpiece to a great extent. In the process of automatic machining and cutting, the normal wear condition and abnormal damage condition of cutting tools should be judged by means of sound monitoring, cutting time control, pause inspection during cutting and workpiece surface analysis. According to the processing requirements, the cutting tools should be treated in time to prevent the processing quality problems caused by the cutting tools not handled in time.

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