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I wonder if you will find that there are times when CNC processing occurs particularly strenuous situation, often leads to the processing time is long, the phenomenon of bad product more, a lot

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
New sword processing present suppress phenomenon, in the process of machining is very arduous, the adjustment of which parameters? Processing is very laborious is the cause of the main shaft power and torque under the current cutting dosage, the reasonable way is: to make way, cutting depth of the turning, grooving depth and trimming. If the overall processing time less than 30 minutes, also can improve through adjust the feeding speed cutting state. Metal processing to add cooling oil. The effect of the cooling system is to take the cutting heat and flying debris, the smooth processing. Cutting coolant will go tropical, cuts to the cutting tool and motor heat, they use full progress. Take flying debris, avoid secondary cutting phenomenon. Smooth function to reduce the cutting force and the process more secure. In copper processing, use oily appearance quality cutting fluid can progress. 。 So, wear small, slowly. When worn to a certain degree, the cutting tool failure, into the sharp wear period. Tool wear can be divided into three stages: initial wear, normal wear and tear, rapid wear. Wear in the early stages of tool wear the primary reason is the low temperature, cutting temperature, did not arrive at this time, the first is abrasive wear, tool wear that the wear of cutting tool is larger, the influence of the knife is simple so the crack. This stage is very risk stages, processing owe good, perhaps as a direct result of knife tool crack failure. When the tool through the early wear and tear, cutter cutting temperature reached a certain value, it is the primary wear is diffusion wear, it is the role of primary lead to local peeling off.
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