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Is there any third party doing cnc parts quality test?
In order to confirm that our data on cnc parts is reliable, we turn into third-party product testing. For Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd., third-party certification is beneficial for controlling product quality and establishing a brand image as well as decreasing costs and improving efficiency. This valuable endorsement for the product performance has to give our customers additional satisfaction that the products are rigorously tested to industry standards.

Over the years, Mingquan have made big progress in the development machining parts. Mingquan has created a number of successful series, and shaft sleeve is one of them. Mingquan flange is precisely measured and tested to ensure an extremely precise specification. It is manufactured according to AISI, ASTM, DIN, BS, ANSI, JIS, AFNOR AS, and ASME Standards. The product is durable and functions very well during its long service life. It ensures no sharp edges unless they are required.

Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of shaft sleeve in this industry. Get quote!
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