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by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-11-24
The following catalogue lists suppliers who provide machining and laser processing products and services for the medical device industry.
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The picture is from European machine products.
East Burpee Materials Technology, 10 Industrial Road, 4 suites Eatontown, New Jersey, LLC 07724 Tel :(732)544-8900 Fax: (732)544-8910 Web: www. burpeetech. com E-
Email: jburpee @ burpetech.
Products and equipment: brackets and other tubular equipment and components.
Service: manufacture, design development and finite element analysis of brackets, components and spiral cutting sleeves.
Comments: the manufacture of BMT includes laser processing, thermoforming nickel-titanium and polishing.
We provide equipment development/consulting using integrated development methods (
Design layout, finite element analysis, prototyping and testing).
We focus on SS, nitinol, cobalt-
Titanium and ta-based superalloys.
OH 5349 Brook Park 44142 West 161st Street Standard instrument Tel :(216)267-1733 Fax: (216)267-4542 Web: www. criteriontool. com E-
Mail: tdisalvo @ criteriontool.
Products and equipment of Tanya DiSalvo: contract manufacturing, precision processing.
Comments: visit Criterion\'s websitecriteriontool.
Learn more about Comto.
Diagnostic laminated Engineering Co. , Ltd. 2613-
Height drive side of Temple B, CA 92056 Tel :(760)407-4200 Fax: (760)407-4202 Web: www. dleinfo. com E-
Mail: Sales @ dleinfo
Contact number: Duane Lawson service: Slitting, laminating, die-cutting
Cutting and printing.
Comments: professional conversion service focused on exquisitemembrane, thin-film, non-
Woven and cellulose materials for custom lateral useflow, vertical-
Traffic and other diagnostic components.
The company\'s technical assistance covers design, development and manufacturing.
Donatelle 501, E2 extension line, MN 55112 County Road, New Brighton :(651)633-4200 Fax: (651)633-5486 Web: www. donateUe. net E-
Email: Sales @ donatelle
Contact: Cindy Dupay Services: Donatelle is an FDA-registered ISO 9001: 2000 and iso13135: 2003 certified supplier with expertise in machining metal manufacturing.
Our abilities include a variety
Shaft CNCSwiss turning, wire and cut-in cutting, 5
Shaft processing, burrs removal, precision cleaning and finishing and welding--
Resistance and laser
In addition, Donatelle provides expertise in molding engineering grade thermoplastic and elastic materials, Micro
Injection molding of molding and liquefied silica gel, complete design and engineering services, independent R & D and prototype department, in-house CAD/CAM-
Tool-based design and manufacturing, insert molding, supermodel molding, white room molding, 100,000 and 10,000 including lean manufacturing, assembly, processing, welding, decoration, packaging, etc.
Eagle brand stainless steel pipe Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Tel: No. 10 Franklin exploration Road, 02038 (800)528-8650 Fax: (508)520-1954 Web: www. eagletube. com E-
Postage: Eagle @ eagletube.
Service: laser welding, laser cutting, laser slotting, laser etching.
Comments: Eagle stainless steel laser department is trained in \"Six Sigma\" and lean manufacturing, which means that you will have your product at the right place, at the right time, at the right quantity, at the lowest possible cost.
Everite 501 E.
Tel: Philadelphia Erie Avenue (19134)215)425-3750 Fax: (215)426-7768 Web: www. everite. net E-
Mail: info @ everite
Net Contact: Tom Travia products and equipment: cut-off and grinding equipment.
Comments: traditional burrs
Now free grinding can be applied to point, shape grinding and grinding.
2345 Highland, Maryland, MO 63043 Tel :(314)785-6800 Fax: (314)733-0205 Web: www. gatewaylaser. com E-
Postage: info @ waylaser.
Contact Information: laser micro-processing and welding.
Comments: expert in small parts with strict tolerance requirements for laser micromachining and laser welding.
Franklin Lake, 527 Commercial Street, NJ 07417 Tel :(800)235-5122 Fax: (201)337-6848 Web: www. glebar. com E-
Mail: Message @ glebar
Contact: Mark Bannayan products and equipment: precision grinding system, wire feeding system, laser measuring grinding service.
Service: grinding service.
IDEX medical technology group, 619 Oak Street, Port Oak, WA 98277 Tel :(800)372-6042 Fax: (360)682-4152 Web: www. idexmedical. com E-mail: sales.
Idexmedical @ idexcorp.
Com Contact: Kristie Lloyd comments: IDEX medical has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing precision medical device assemblies for spine, heart and orthopedics, is engineering plastic, Ultra
Hard material and biocompatible metal.
We customize resinformulations for specific applications.
We are good at processing, molding and squeezing these and other materials to meet the most demanding specifications and tolerances.
Staunton, VA 24401 powered by VA siontech 9 Technology :(800)213-7809 Fax: (540)213-1770 Web: www. incisiontech. com E-
Email: Sales @ cisiontech
Com Contact: Bob Walden products and equipment: IncisionTech manufactures sharpestincisional components and components for Endoscopes, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and diagnostic procedures.
Service: our proprietary processing technology and leading-
Edgeelectrochemical finishing technology enables IncisionTech to provide the most critical components (
For example, sharpening, pointing, electricity
Chemical edge enhancement, electronics
Chemical de-burrs, stamping/Machining/heat treatment, grinding, EDM, photoetching, forming/de-burrs, cleaning/polishing, performance-
Enhanced coating, laser cutting/welding/marking, overforming, new product design assist, custom packaging/assembly, IncisionLab).
Comment: What is the difference between IncisionTech and another company that sells professional blades, tube needles, biopsies or aortic punches, tissue needles, or fixed needles?
We did a better job of surgical instruments.
We also made changes while other companies made parts! IBS-
Integrated Biological sciences
Tel: (PA 637 Lewisberry Lowther Road 17339)717)938-9323 Fax: (717)938-9364 Web: www. ibiosci. com E-
Mail: Message @ ibiosci.
Contact Information: Jody Sheaffer products and equipment: Class I, Class II medical devices and disposable products;
Automation equipment.
Services: complete contract manufacturing services for Class I and Class I medical devices.
Able to design, manufacture and operate automation equipment for the production of these devices.
Johnson Mattel 1401 West Chester, Golden Road, PA 19380 Tel :(800)442-1405 Fax: (610)648-8111 Web: www. jmmedical. com E-
Postage: metalinfo @ jmusa.
Products and equipment: precious metal, metal alloy, nickel-titanium, pipe, wire, paper, foil.
Service: Machining and Micro
Processing, forming.
Comments: Johnson mathe processes, draws, mils and forms platinum, nickel-titanium and specialty metals according to customer specifications, with special attention to alloy development. Judson A.
Smith company 857
Sweertown, PA 863, 19512 swinhart Road, Tel :(610)367-2021 Fax: (610)367-0962 Web: www. judsonsmith. com E-
Email: Sales @ judsonsmith.
John Shields comments: Jason.
Small production by Smith
Diameter metal tubular parts and machined parts that meet customer specifications.
The capabilities include Swiss screw machine parts, CNC milling and cutting, laser cutting/welding, slotting, bending, expansion, etc.
The company has passed ISO 9001: 2000 certification. Give us a call!
Lake District medical 340 haziting Lake Avenue Tel :(952)448-5111 Fax: (952)448-7012 Web: www. lakergn. com E-
Postage: mbrowsers @ lakergn.
Contact: Michael Browers products and equipment: FDA-
Registered wires;
Application of Hydrophilicand four fluorine coating
Process Development/contract manufacturing and component development (
Winding, grinding, rotating screws).
Services: project management, animal research management, clinical development management, FEA, fully supervised, fully validated engineering personnel.
Laserage Technology Co. , Ltd.
Tel: (3021 delkegan Delany Road, IL 60087)847)249-5900 Fax: (847)336-1103 Web: www. laserage. com E-
Email: Sales @ laserage
Contact: Dan Capp services: Custom Laser Processing Services--
Welding, cutting, marking, drilling;
Contract manufacturing;
Custom cable and harness assembly;
And polishing.
Comments: Laserage Technology offers customized laser processing suchasprecision cutting, drilling, marking, welding and heat treatment on a wide range of materials to meet customer specifications.
Product capabilities include medical brackets and medical devices;
Electronic substrate;
Aerospace Flight
Key components;
And harnespresso. Prototype-through-
Production service supported by a complete Metallurgicallab; research and-development;
And engineering capabilities.
ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
4817 White Bear Park road Street, lasagna precision medical Conversion Group
Paul MN 55110 Tel :(651)407-0011 Fax: (651)407-0110 Web: www. pmcg-lasx. com E-Email: pmcg @ lasx
Contact: Thomas J.
Daul service: precision laser processing service.
LasX provides laser conversion for the medical industry and specializes in complex laser conversion-
Non-pattern processing
Metal materials, including precision lamination for multi-layer IVD and Micro
Fluid elements.
The process can be executed in scrollingto-roll or sheet-
Fed format for prototype conversion-
Mass production.
Laser conversion equipment can also be purchased and integrated into the customer\'s manufacturing facilities.
Comments: ISO 9001: 2001 certification--
Work in class 100,000 clean room.
Ravich Precision Co. , Ltd.
Tel: (999 Glendale Heights, IL 60139)630)582-1230 Fax: (630)582-1238 Web: www. lavezzi. com E-
Email: lpi @ lavezzi
Com Contact: Stephanie ravizi service: Contract manufacturing with high precision, multiple varieties
Comments: LaVezzi Precision, Inc. is an ISO-
Specializing in complex, burrs-free, high-
Precision machining of equipment components and implants with tolerances. 000040\". Multi-
Processing surface parts with the latest technology, including 5-and 9-
Central Axis Swiss CNCs, CNC lathe with C and Yaxis, 5-
CNC milling capability of shaft, full C
Shaft CNC grinding and centerless grinding machines and rolling grinding machines for cutting tools such as drill bits and burrs.
Parts are delivered on the requested date.
Tools & molds Lyon
185 study of Baihui Meili and CT 06450 Tel :(800)422-9363 Fax: (203)237-8769 Web: www. lyons. com E-mail: sales.
Project @ Lyon
Cam contacts: Will Lyons products and equipment: mechanical components, metal stamping parts, CNCmachined parts, EDM parts, stainless steel tubecom parts, remote parts, surgical knives and scissors.
Services: rapid prototyping and production of precision metal stamping parts, complex CNC machined parts, pipe manufacturing, surgical knife cutting, EDM parts.
Class 10,000 clean room packaging and assembly are also provided.
Comment: Lyon is recognized as an industry leader in providing prototype and production services in the medical industry.
Holly York, 373 Whitney Avenue, MA Knox company, MA 01040 Tel :(413)536-
Fax 1300x112 :(413)534-1829 Web: www. marox. com E-
Email: brad @ marox
Com Contact: Brad Rosenkranz services: precision CNC milling, CNC Swiss screw machining, CNCwire EDM and components in the medical industry.
Comment: a leading outsourcing manufacturing provider for the production of orthopedic implants and medical devices.
Services include CNC milling (5-axis)
CNC lathe, CNC Swiss screw processing (12-axis)
, CNC wire edcommand assembly.
The materials include titanium, peeping, cobalt chromium, SSTLand, etc.
Certified by ISO 13485.
Elk River, meidowell Road, metal process 12797, MN 55330 Tel :(763)441-1855 Fax: (763)441-0798 Web: www. metal-craft. com E-
Email: tmowry @ metal-craft.
Contact Information: Trisha Mowry service: state-of-the-
An art contract manufacturer that uses advanced cnc machine technology to serve the medical device industry.
Professional dose-
Precision Manufacturing of prototypes and short-term and long-term production tolerances, complex components, and
Available and single
Using instruments, implants and other medical equipment, it is done by laser etching and passivation.
07009 metal cutting company, 89 Cedar Grove Commercial Road, New Jersey :(800)783-6382; (973)239-1100 Fax: (973)239-6651 Web: www. metalcutting. com E-
Mail: Sales @ metal cutting
Com Contact: Neal Day service: metal cutting ISO 9001: 2000 DNV registration 52,000-square-
Foot Factory cut length, burrs-
Free, the most difficult metal tube to use in the medical device business. The burr-
No deformation and pollution.
Any and all types of metal can be shorter with a length of 0.
010 \", the wall thickness is 0.
001 \"or an inner diameter as small as 0. 001\". In-
Grinding, grinding, polishing, electric
Chemical Processing and clean room metering support global suppliers in the medical device industry.
7309 West plastic parts, No. 55426 West 27 Street, Minneapolis city, Tel :(952)929-3312 Fax: (952)929-8404 Web: www. mpc-mn. com E-
Mail: mschaefer @ mpc-mn.
Contact: Mark Schaefer products and equipment: SLA;
CNC plastic processing rapid prototyping and tooling short and long term plastic injection molding contract assembly manufacturers
Assembled and finished medical devices.
Molding assembly, packaging and sterilization management in three largest medical markets.
Mound laser and Photon center Co. , Ltd. P. O.
OH 223 Miamisburg Box 45343 Tel :(937)865-3730 Fax: (937)865-3680 Web: www. mlpc. com E-
Email: kevinhartke @ mlpc
Service: laser welding, laser engraving, laser micro-processing.
Comments: Expertise in laser
Material Interaction.
Micro-manufacturing: laser welding, laser micro-processing and laser marking.
Pioneer of laser
Processing applications with more than 50 years of combined experience.
The collaborative combination of technology provides an innovative method for the manufacture of medical devices.
Needletech Products, Inc.
Tel: (02703) No. 81 West Street508)431-4000 Fax: (508)431-2156 Web: www. needletech. com E-
Email: Sales @ needletech
Com Contact: Ross small products and equipment: professional needle, cement delivery system, access device, implant needle, RF ablation device, nerve blockage needle, stitch recovery device, biopsy needle, k-
Wire, Steinman needle and endoscope equipment.
Comments: Needletech can transport products in bulk or in packaging, or in sterile transport.
Holliston, Jeffrey Avenue, 35, New England precision grinding company, MA 01746 Tel :(800)959-0341; (508)429-9999 Fax: (508)429-6850 Web: www. nepg1. com, www. accumetlaser. com, www. amiinc. com E-
Email: broche @ nepg1
Contact: Bob Roche product: quick wire/pipe (Goods in stock, 24-hour delivery)
, Prototype, assembly, assembly, finished huber/spine/hard spine needle, finished equipment.
Services: engineering, laser welding/cutting/drilling/marking, electronics
CNC multi-station chemical burr removal
Unintentional shaft/micro Swiss machining, EDM
Grinding, polishing and inventory management.
Comments: New England precision grinding, Accu-
Laser and American medicine.
The instrument has been aligned to form the prime, concept-to-
Market contract outsourcing partners in the medical device industry.
NEPG leverages lean production principles to target delivery and management costs.
NEPG has passed ISO 13485: 2003 and 9001: 2000 certification and is registered with the FDA.
Good industry 200 new uk ct 06050 Ellis Street Tel :(860)225-8707 Fax: (860)225-7047 Web: www. okayind. com E-
Email: cchamberlin @ okayind
Products and equipment: Okai Industrial
Specializing in metal stamping and mechanical/welding components.
Services: The company provides R & D, engineering and design assistance, rapid prototyping and project management services.
The company has Accu-
Blade grinding technology for sharp surgical blades and scissors.
80% stamping is a service that forms a considerable number of features during the stamping process, and the rest of the specifications require finishing. Thistwo-
Step process provides a significant cost reduction compared to toMIM, full machinery and investment casting products and converts it to 80% stamping.
Orchid unique orthopedic solution at Bridge Port, 6688 Dixie Expressway, MI 48722 Tel :(989)746-0780 Fax: (989)746-9004 Web: www. orchid-orthopedics.
Com comments: from design to manufacturing to reliable
Orchid is your partner to help you discover opportunities and meet your customers\' needs. Peridot Corp.
1072 snake Lane, suit E California Pleasanton, CA 94566 Tel :(925)461-8830 Fax: (925)461-8833 Web: www. peridotcorp. com E-
Email: Sales @ peridotcorp.
Contact Information: debraavan sickle products and equipment: formed lower pipes, laser cutting compounds, mechanical and electrical components, springs, stamping parts, wireforms.
Services: laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, EDM, EDM drilling, CNC Swiss screws, contract manufacturing, equipment assembly, rapid prototyping.
Comment: Peridot is unique in the medical manufacturing industry and offers more craftsmanship under one roof than anyone in the industry.
ISO9001: 2000 certification, ISO 13485: 2003 certification, class 10000 clean room.
Polymer Technology Company
Tel: (5120 Parkway Drive Menomonie, WI 54751)715)235-1464 Fax: (715)235-1834 Web: www.
Aggregation technology. com E-
Email: Sales @ polymertechnology
Contact: Steve Johnson Products & Equipment: custom injection molding
Service: injection molding, mold manufacturing, design optimization, product assembly.
Comments: ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification.
Poole & Sons
300 Denton Avenue, New Hyde Park, New York, 11040 Tel :(516)248-0300 Fax: (516)747-1188 Web: www. popperandsons. com E-
Email: Sales @ popperandsons
Zev Asch products and equipment: laser welding, laser marking, CNC machining.
Fully integrated ISO 9001: 2000/13485 certification.
Manufacturing technology of precision trail pipe.
Services: Prototype, design engineering, CNC machining and steering, drilling of EDM and EDM, electrolytic cutting and grinding, needle and assemblyhouse.
Polymark River Light 4445 Nicole drive Lanham, MD 20706 Tel :(301)459-3031 Fax: (301)459-3034 Web: www. potomac-laser. com E-
Mail: Sales @ potomac-laser.
Contact information: Mike Adelstein products and equipment: laser micro-processing, contract service.
Service: prototype production.
Comment: Potomac photon (
Expert in micro technology)
Contract provided-
Manufacturing services from prototype to production.
A variety of materials such as polymers, metals, ceramics and glass can be processed.
Most materials can achieve feature sizes smaller than two microns.
Potomac Photonics are certified by ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485 and can handle prototypes within 48 hours.
Pulse system 4090J Nelson Ave.
CA 94520 Concord Tel :(925)798-4080 Fax: (925)798-4848 Web: www. pulsesystems. com E-
Mail: sales system.
Products and equipment: Laser cutting/laser welding.
Service: polishing, shaping, laser cutting.
Nashua, NH 03063 Tel :(603)886-6772 Fax: (603)886-3655 Web: www. resonetics. com E-
Email: Sales @ resontics.
Contact: Glenn Ogura service: by the laser micro-processing department (
Laser micro-processing service contract
Laser Systems Division.
It is recognized as the largest plastic laser microprocessing company in the world.
The company offers cutting services for conduit, balloon, bioabsorbent bracket and sells equipment.
-More than 50 laser systems
The House and three clean rooms. Sanmina-SCI 2700 N.
95134 First Street San Jose, California :(408)964-3500 Fax: (408)964-3437 Web: www. Sanmina-sci. com E-
Email: Message @ sanmina-sci.
Com Contact: Jennifer Kirkland products and equipment: We provide final service to OEM customersto-
Terminal services throughout the product life cycle.
Examples of products we manufacture for OEMs include wireless and wired switches, personal computers, high
Terminal computers and servers, avionics, medical imaging systems and digital satellite equipmenttop boxes.
Manufacturers of these products may need us to use all or part of our productsto-end services.
Service: In Samina
Service refers to the ability to identify, anticipate and focus on the specific needs of the customer.
Our business strategy and day to dayto-
Day to day operations are based on the feedback we get from our customers and we have established and developed sanmina-
A satisfied customer at a time.
Today, we offer customized services to customers in the automotive, communications infrastructure, computing, defense and aerospace, medical, industrial semiconductor equipment and multimedia industries worldwide.
Lancaster, PA 300 operating pump Road LLC 17603 special medical equipment Tel :(717)932-8570 Fax: (717)392-8578 Web: www.
Professional medical care. com E-
Email: Sales @ specializedmedical.
Contact: Jack F. Fulton;
Steve Bergstrom products and equipment: the manufacturer of medical implants, titanium, stainless steel and peeps, as well as disposable and reusable instruments.
5-CNC spiral machine tool
Vertical milling shaft, EDM, vacuum heat treatment, laser marking, CNC grinding.
Service: Design Engineering, rapid prototyping, precision machining, assembly and packaging in clean room.
Contract disinfection verification service.
Comments: SMD offers contract manufacturing, design engineering, Class 10,000 clean room assembly and packaging, sterilization and distribution of medical devices, equipment, implants and kits.
SMD is a full-service provider from prototype to wire EDM, heat treatment, laser marking, electropolishing and passivation.
FDA registration, iso13135: 2003 certification.
Major medical companies rely on quality certification and in-house certification for smd
House capacity over 45 years. E-
The United States is selling @ specializedmedical. com. Tech-Etch, Inc.
02360, 45 Aldrin Road, Plymouth :(508)747-0300 Fax: (508)747-9639 Web: www. tech-etch. com E-
Email: phachey @ tech-etch.
Products and equipment: EMI/RFI shield washers, flexiblecircuits.
Service: photoetching of metal, laser cutting.
Comments: through the production featuring tungsten, titanium, elgiloy, stainless steel, nickel-titanium and molybdenum, the photoetching service prototype.
Flexible circuit with high density thin wire technology.
Manufacturer of conductive gasket, wire mesh and copper shielding strip for shielding products.
Telefor medical 5307, 95 Kenosha Avenue, W153144 Tel :(262)657-2800 Fax: (262)657-2801 Web: www. Telemedicine. com E-
Postage: dbarty @ teleflexmedical.
Contact Information: Diane Batty products and equipment: customized orthopedic instruments and implants.
Comments: Teleflex Medical OEM brings you Beere Medical, KMedic and professional medical device brands.
We offer customized imaging instruments and implants.
We provide specialized technical services to ensure a successful transition from concept to development, manufacturing and product packaging.
Ann Knight lgies 28181 River driver serkville Oh 43113 Tel :(740)477-5000 Fax: (740)477-5001 Web: www. telesis. com E-
Email: consultation @ telesis
Products and equipment: PinStamp dot-
Electronic marking, electronic marking and laser marking equipment.
Standard and custom revolving door system.
Comment: Telesis has a broad system design and proven customer base for medical device marking.
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