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more speed, fewer steps.

by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-11-25
OEMs want processing and tooling solutions that can shorten cycle times and save money.
By the way--
They all wanted it yesterday.
Technology is double. edged sword.
Although it can improve the design and production of orthopedic products, it is also difficult to keep up.
Since the original equipment manufacturer requires dimensional tolerances and-.
0001 inch. processing and tool providers must combine the latest scientific knowledge with their innovative knowledge
How and best practices to deliver more and more challenging products.
The trend of micro-shrinking continues to affect the medical market and promote the micro-machining.
In their efforts to save as much money as possible, oemare passed with \"one-
It is also possible to handle the \"stop\" company for secondary operations such as Anode Oxidation and laser engraving.
They also hope that partners can skillfully process complex parts or products from more challenging materials such as titanium, cobalt chromium, titanium and ether ketone (PEEK).
Therefore, orthopedic OEMs are eager to work with creative machines that can figure out how to simplify operations, such as using a single setup and eliminating secondary operations.
Quick Replacement and reduction of machining/tooling steps are critical to optimize throughput and time to market. Advanced five-and seven-
Shaft milling machines are able to complete complex orthopedic designs in one operation, including parts or products with complex geometry.
For example, multiple functions such as milling, gun drill and thread rotation can be completed on different stations on multiple stations
The shaft rotates the machinery, enabling the parts to be produced in one operation and eliminating the secondary operation.
Robot equipment manufacturers are busy developing machines that can further automate processing, such as high
Accurately load multiple devices with raw materials or parts to reduce or eliminate human error.
\"Advances in software and automated programming now facilitate \'end-to-end\' part processing, with only one step,\" said duane Audette, business development director at Minn River. -
Headquartered in metal craft and Riverside machinery & engineering(
Enoch Claire. )
Precision processing service provider.
\"For example, the part is automatically loaded from the bar to the rolling mill and transferred to the completed part tray.
\"Virtual proofreading\" enhancements in the production process, such as tool breakage detection and automatic detection, prevent parts from being loaded incorrectly and reduce scrap costs.
\"For the grinding and polishing of the rod, the improvement of the grinding and polishing wheel increases the feed speed, and the consistency of the size and polishing is also improved.
Advances in processing technology in Switzerland include improved size capabilities and continuous integration of computers and automation, creating processing options that were not possible two years ago.
Dave Simak, marketing manager at Banner service ecorpor, said: \"We have observed advances in processing and tools that allow faster cycle times, higher productivity and new capabilities, these users, Carol Stream, are sick. -
A base supplier of precision grinding rods, centerless grinding cars and straightening.
\"Now, it takes only one machine to complete the contours and shapes that require multiple machining operations.
\"The real Five continues to join-
\"Shaft processing allows the creation of flexible, innovative processes,\" added Michael Minton, advanced technology manager at Sudbury Methods. -
High based on supplier
Precision machine tools and solutions.
\"The biggest change we see is with addiemanufacturing--
Ability to create production networks or access networks
Net shape that requires minimum machining to complete.
\"The original equipment manufacturer wants the original equipment manufacturer to make more requirements for the supplier in terms of overall quality controlhouse.
They tend to prefer suppliers who are able to do all the key processing in one location, under one roof
Develop a level quality control plan for all operations.
Contract manufacturers capable of managing the entire supply chain-
From purchasing products to providing complete or near-net parts-
Take advantage in the competition. \"Single-source/one-
\"Stopping shopping reduces the complexity of the supply chain and reduces the risk of many OEMs choosing to outsource production,\" Simak said . \".
\"In the medical industry, many implant products are customized
Off unit customized to meet individual needs.
The ability to have a variety of processing capabilities, combined with excellent
The quality control system makes any given contract manufacturer more attractive to the original equipment manufacturer.
\"In the medical industry, OEMs tend to be exposed to suppliers of gun drilling, heat treatment and surface treatment, electroplating, polishing and precision processing --
Rotation of parts-
Special operations arecapedia-intensive.
\"The challenge is that there may be high mixing products with a small number of different products that need to be supplied in a timely manner,\" Simak said . \".
\"Therefore, due to the flexibility and capabilities that new equipment brings, companies that are investing in the latest machine tool technology often position themselves well.
\"As they develop smaller, more complex, and more robust products --to-
OEMs are keen to maximize productivity, reduce waste and maintain very tight operation --
Out, diameter, true position, cylinder size.
\"This means that research and development in the tool industry is critical to maintaining rapid competition --
\"The field of Rhythm Medical,\" said Jeff Augustine, new business development director of Eldorado tools, a drilling master at Milford, Connecticut. -
Suppliers and manufacturers of drilling tools, fixtures and accessories for deep hole guns.
In order to achieve these strict tolerances, specialized tools are usually required, such as carbide gun drills as small as 1mm (. 03937 inches)
Diameter, depth-to-
Diameter ratio of traditional twist drill.
These carbide drill bits need to be drilled or drilled.
\"These gun drills are used to make holes through surgical bone screws and bone repair devices,\" Augustine said . \".
\"The surgeon uses these holes in the operation to guide the wires.
All the holes in these parts are used from 17-
4 stainless steel to 6al4l titanium, this is the first choice for our customers due to its strength.
Advanced technology computer numerical control (CNC)
The continuous development of processing has reduced the cost of tools and lead time.
Today, the biggest advantage of the new machine is the ability to quickly change the design through fewersetups, quickly switching from one component to another.
This usually improves cycle time.
Usually, a part can be done from start to finish in the center of a machine, thus eliminating the time-
Perform Secondary operations on different machines. Multi-
The mid-axis Swiss machine can also process complex shapes and features with high precision and consistency.
At present, computers and automation equipment are directly integrated into the workbench and unit of the Swiss machining center, providing additional flexibility.
\"Machine operators are now an integral part of the layout, machine programming, and statistical control processes,\" Simak said . \".
\"Automation allows lighting-
Provide operational and expansion capabilities for companies that wish to continue production after the end of the standard working day.
Swiss machines now have the ability to perform multiple operations that previously required the removal of parts and transfer to different operations.
Due to the advancement of tools and automation, the secondary operation, usually ordinary lathe and other machining centers, can be completed in the process.
\"Some machines also have spindle temperature control, which can improve the micro-processing performance (
Coolant passes through the spindle and drill bit, evacuate at the tip and rinse the debris into the straight slot)--
Cooling directly from inside).
This allows more gun drills to be used.
\"The biggest misconception about the gun drill is that it cannot be carried out on any other machine except for the dedicated gun drill machine,\" Augustine said . \".
Almost any machine-
Including Screw Machine, machining center and CNClathes--
Products with high-pressure coolant capacity of the spindle are used and added to the gun drill during processing, thus eliminating secondary operations on professional machines.
\"In the past, the parts were first processed on a particular machine, then taken to the gun drill machine to produce holes, and then sometimes returned to the other machine for specific operations.
Now, the Moreversatile machine has been designed or transformed into a rotary connector capability of up to 1,000 pounds per square inch and larger size, which makes the gun drill as small as possible.
0350 inch, print in a single setting.
\"If a company uses a gun drill on a screw machine, machining center or CNC Lathe instead of a dedicated gun drill, Augustine said:\" For a machine, the cost savings can be as high as $100,000 to $200,000, time and cost of drilling. \".
\"These improved scan results are one minute shorter than cycle time, which is huge.
\"Improvements in grinding and polishing wheels allow for faster feed speeds and reduced processes (
Remove more material in a given pass)
, Improved the size and polishing consistency on the length of the bar.
\"This allows us to maintain O. D. (outer diameter)
\"Without sacrificing speed and surface finish, keep it 0001 inch along the length of the rod,\" Simak said . \".
\"We have been able to maintain/-for certain medical applications /-.
The length of the bar is 00005. \" For water-
The latest equipment offers multiple cutting heads that allow multiple parts to be cut in a cycle.
In addition, advances in computer software and sensing technology provide tighter tolerances that allow complex shapes to not become water
The jet was cut off just two years ago.
Innovation in thin heat control action
Since longer parts naturally want to bend, wall parts are always a challenge when drilling.
The gun drill for this part may require reverse rotation, specialized nose geometry and coolant cooler.
Drilling parts that are very close to the holes require specific techniques, because for thin walls, the drill bit wants to follow the path of least resistance, which is where the heat is located.
This leads to inconsistent runningout.
The solution is to drill the other holes and then go back and drill the missing holes to keep the wall thickness equal between each holeoutconsistent.
The longer carbide head makes it possible to pass through the void and cross hole while using the outlet hole as the pilot when entering the other side.
Multiple step diameter holes are required for other parts--
It used to take a few passes to produce.
With the latest gun
\"Drilling equipment, we can design, design and manufacture step drill bits, which can produce these holes in one channel, providing an eccentric between diameters close to zero,\" said Augustine . \".
\"This is equivalent to reducing machine time, reducing waste and saving a lot of money for our customers. \" Seven-
Shaft grinding can save five-axis, 3-
Dprofile milling of parts that can contain burrs and finishing processes in one operation.
\"This greatly shortens the lead time of the OEM and improves throughput,\" Audette said . \".
\"In our facilities, the discharge processing powered by robots (EDM)and mill-turns andseven-
Shaft CNC grinding is our most innovative field in machining and tooling.
We also use pallets to change levels and automate the finishing process as much as possible.
\"Recently, a customer challenged the machine tools and asked them to get hot on one machine-
The processed material also shortens the cycle time by 30%.
In this project, the mt engineer selected a nak model ntmx machine.
\"This is the standard machine provided by nak, with AB-
\"The Shaft milling head is able to generate complex geometry on one platform,\" Minton said . \".
The material is 17-4 Ph stainless steel 【steel]
Heat treatment to about 45 Rc (
Part of a scale used to measure hardness).
Custom tools must be designed and manufactured.
After we finished, we reduced the part cycle time by 36%.
\"Another trend that Minton noticed was that OEMs pushed
Specific implantation.
OEM usually generates a model of the patient
Specific implants and use this data to produce specific implants.
\"We developed a four-useaxis, high-
\"Precision Vertical milling machines, with an on-line EDM machine, can produce implants,\" he said . \".
\"The EDM process actually eliminates all the pressure that is often introduced in the machining process.
This greatly reduces the processing cycle time and makes the processing process internally stable.
\"Banner Medical often works with OEMs to solve problems related to internal equipment
Manufacturing of components.
A big problem for OEMs is that no material has been received that consistently meets its specifications for straight, final diameter, and surface finish.
As a result, in-
Post-processing carried out by OEM may result in extended processing time, high scrap rate and quality problems, thus extending delivery time.
\"To help address these issues, Banner reviewed the entire supply chain and provided raw material solutions to minimize them,\" Simak said . \".
\"We can also work with OEMs to provide near netform, or even complete parts that meet their requirements, with a singleSOURCE solution.
\"Another material challenge is processing heat.
Handling materials--
More manufacturers want to use materials that have already been heated
Handle according to final specification.
The processing of these materials requires very rigid machine tools and knives with geometric shapes and coatings specific to the material and its conditions.
\"For example, machines with more rigidity and geometric accuracy will greatly improve tool life while producing parts with more precise dimensions and better surface finish,\" Minton said . \".
\"In addition, the machine will provide consistent, predictable results over a longer period of time.
This ultimately reduces costs.
When we start to process more materials after heat treatment, the addition of MQL (
Minimum quantity of lubricating oil)
The system is invaluable for improving and increasing tool life.
These systems are significant improvements to traditional coolant systems.
\"With the development of new grades of super alloys and raw materials, the tools used to process a given component must also be developed.
In order to withstand the next generation of raw materials, tools must have higher hardness and durability.
\"Having the ability to continue and cut parts into specific tools for a longer period of time will be a key factor for contract manufacturers and precision machine stores,\" Simak said . \".
Sharing knowledge many OEMs have outsourced most of their manufacturing to contract manufacturers and precision machine stores specializing in the processing of various products for the medical industry.
Therefore, their engineers and designers are not familiar with the latest developments in machining and tools, or what is feasible when processing the products they imagine.
Audette said that the new generation of engineers entering the orthopedic industry is not always aware that just because the design can be modeled with CAD, it can also be made virtually at a saleable cost.
\"We always offer alternatives to these situations, help our customers grow and let their designers understand best processing practices in a collaborative way,\" he said . \".
Equipment manufacturers often understand the latest information that the orthopedic market is looking for and are able to design and manufacture processing solutions that meet these needs.
They then share this knowledge with trusted contract manufacturers and mechanics, thereby strengthening their position in the supply chain.
By implementing the latest grinding and polishing wheel technology, for example, Banner is able to deliver faster feed speeds, higher productivity and superior quality to OEMs.
To further share this knowledge, \"We also seek to build partnerships with contract manufacturers and precision machine stores with a variety of capabilities,\" Simak said . \".
\"Oem will continue to work hard-over-
The annual cost is reduced as wages and manufacturing costs continue to increase, \"Audette said.
\"This brings real challenges that we can translate into opportunities for innovation and efficiency without sacrificing quality and service.
To remain competitive in the world market, it is essential to find more ways.
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Part-time business and marketing/communications writer at Wis Madison.
He has also written various thematic articles for regional and national publications, and is the author of five books.
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