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Nc machining of stainless steel 304, what kind of cooling fluid?

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
Stainless steel of high strength, cutting heat, use water-based coolant is better, the stainless steel water cooling fast cutting fluid is divided into three categories: emulsion DC - Performance: 503 b: oil content greater than 50% and lubrication rust prevention performance is good, but the cooling performance is poor, poor stability, short service life. Semi-synthetic cutting fluid DC - 508: oil content 5% 30%, performance: excellent lubricity, anti-rust, cooling, long life, good comprehensive performance, wide use. Fully synthetic cutting fluid DC - 505: oil content is zero, performance: good cooling performance, good stability, long service life, but the poor lubrication and rust resistance. Based on the requirements and characteristics of the processing technology, choose the appropriate stainless steel cutting fluid to try. Stainless steel 304 CNC lathe how car how much speed feed cutting parameter has a direct relationship between the selection and use of the knife, it is recommended to use mitsubishi VP15TF turning, roughing cut deep 1 - 1. 5 mm, feeding 0. 3 - 0. 第35 / min、Vc = 80 - 120 m/min, fine car according to the workpiece surface roughness. 304 stainless steel cutting, nc machining of revolution and feed: how much is the need to look at your specific to choose what kind of cutting tool, recommend a square shoulder now commonly used parameters of indexable milling cutter for you: Vc 170 m/min, the ap according to you need to choose, if the ap = 3 mm, the fz for 0. 12, cutting depth, the smaller the greater the fz, the greater the cutting depth, the smaller the fz. Cutting parameters for CNC machining of stainless steel 304 we had also done CNC milling, but for every machine is different, so the parameter is different also, his machine you see there must be a after-sales service telephone, there is no factory to learn more about your machine. CNC machining speed and how much more appropriate use of stainless steel is tungsten steel knife. 。 。 The plane is too large, you the cutter diameter is how old? You're cutting stainless steel which is a kind of material has difference, but generally the speed of cutting stainless steel are relatively cast iron speed to live at the bottom of the point, otherwise quite a knife
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