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Should pay attention to matters of CNC machining center tools

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-17
CNC machining center tools should pay attention to matters of CNC machining center observation and judgment when it is very important to the working state of cutting tool, cutting tool in the best condition of machining precision and smooth finish will be very good, what about where the main observation place, the following will tell you about. 1. Appeared in the process of CNC machining center new sword suppress the phenomenon of turn, processing is very difficult, at this moment what parameters need to be adjusted? Processing is very difficult because of the spindle power and torque under the current cutting dosage, the reasonable way is: to make path, reduce the depth of the turning, grooving depth and trimming. If the overall processing time less than 30 minutes, also may improve the cutting condition by adjusting the feeding speed. 2. What is the function of CNC machining center cutting fluid? Metal processing pay attention to add cooling oil. The effect of the cooling system is to take the cutting heat and flying debris, for processing and have the effect of lubrication. Cutting coolant will go tropical, reduce the heat to the cutting tool and machine, improve the service life of them. Take flying debris, avoid the phenomenon of secondary cutting. Lubrication can reduce the cutting force, make the process more stable. In copper processing, use oily cutting fluid can improve the surface quality. 3. CNC machining center tool wear what stage? Tool wear can be divided into three stages: initial wear, normal wear and tear, rapid wear. In the early stage of wear of cutting tool wear main reason is the temperature of the cutting tool is low, did not reach the best cutting temperature, at this time, the tool wear are mainly abrasive wear, the wear of cutting tool is larger, the influence of pay more attention to the numerical control programming knowledge WeChat public number ( Numerical control programming teaching) Get the tutorial, very easy to cause the knife knife crack. This stage is a very dangerous phase, processes is not good, may directly cause tool collapse failure. When the tool through the early wear and tear, cutter cutting temperature reaches a certain value, it is the main wear is diffusion wear, its role is mainly lead to local peeling off. So, wear small, slowly. When worn to a certain degree, the cutting tool failure, into the sharp wear period. 4. CNC machining center tool why to get up to speed, how to get up to speed? We said above to the cutting tool wear in the early stage, it is easy to collapse knife, knife to avoid collapse phenomenon, we have to tool to get up to speed. Make a tool cutting temperature rise gradually to the reasonable temperature. Verified by the experiment, using the same comparison of the machining parameters. It can be seen after running-in, the knives' service life was increased by more than 2 times. Running-in method is in keeping the reasonable use of spindle speed, cutting feed speed in half, the processing time at about 5 ~ 10 minutes. The processing of soft materials of little value, processing hard metal of great value. 5. How to judge whether a CNC machining center tool wear serious? Determine the method of severe wear of cutting tool are: 1) Listen to the voice processing, appear harsh cry; 2) Read the spindle, spindle appear obvious suppress transfer phenomenon; 3) Sensory processing of vibration increases, the vibration of the machine tool spindle apparent; 4) The processing effect, processed bottom knife and downs ( If this start turning depth too deep) 。 Super manufacturing most metal crafts in China, many have lost! 6. When should change knife? We should be about two-thirds in the knives' service life limit of time for tool change. Such as severe abrasion tool in 60 minutes, next time processing, should be in 40 minutes in a knife, and get into the habit of timing tool change. 7. Severe wear of CNC machining center cutter can continue to process? After serious wear of cutting tool and cutting force can be increased to 3 times normal. And the service life of the cutting force of spindle electrode has a great influence, the life of the spindle motor and stress is inverse ratio of 3 to the power relationship. For example, under the condition of the cutting force increases 3 times, carry on the processing for 10 minutes, is equivalent to the spindle under normal conditions using 10 * = 270 33 minutes. 8. How do we determine when rough machining CNC machining center tool out length? Tool length as short as possible. But, in the actual process, if it is too short to frequently adjust the length of the cutting tool, it's so affect machining efficiency. So in actual processing should be how to control the cutter extended length? Principle is this: phi 3 out of the diameter of the tool rod 5 mm can be normal processing. Phi tool rod diameter 4 out of 7 mm can be normal processing. Phi tool rod diameter 6 out of 10 mm can be normal processing. On the knife as far as possible when below these values. If the length of the knife should be greater than the value of the above, as far as possible control on the depth of the tool wear when machining, it's hard to grasp, need more exercise. 9. During processing, how suddenly cutting knife handle? 1) Stop processing, view the processing of the current number. 2) To see if there are any more broken cutting knife, the knife blade, if you have to take it. 3) This paper analyzes the reasons of cutting knife, this is the most important, why cutter is broken? We need to analysis from the above said to the influence of processing factors for analysis. But the cause of the cutting knife is cutting tool force suddenly increased. Or path problem, or cutting tool jitter is too large, or lump materials, or spindle motor speed is not correct. 4) After analysis, change of cutting tool for processing. If there is no change path, want to be in the original serial number on a serial number for processing in advance, then it is important to note that the feed rate will be down, hardening seriously because of cutting knife, the second is for cutting tools.
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