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The daily maintenance of CNC machine tool at 8 o 'clock

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-19
At 8 o 'clock the daily maintenance of CNC machine tool attention

CNC machine tool is a kind of precision equipment, daily maintenance is also more methodical, according to years of experience, summed up the following 8 points, hope for your help.

1, choose the appropriate use of environment of CNC machine tool use environment ( Such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc. ) Will affect the normal operation of machine tools, and so when installing the machine must be strictly required to be eligible for the installation of the machine tool specification and requirement. Under the condition of economic conditions permit, he or she shall put the nc machine tools and general machinery processing equipment installation, repair and maintenance. 2, for the nc machine tools equipped with several professional personnel should be familiar with the mechanical parts of the machine tool, CNC system, high voltage equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and other parts and using environment, processing conditions, etc. , and can properly according to the requirement of the machine tool and system operation instruction using nc machine tool. 3, long-term need not CNC machine maintenance and maintenance in the numerical control machine tool sit idle, often should electricity, the nc system in machine tool lock case, make it run. In air humidity larger mould rains season should live every day, using electric heating element itself out in numerical control cabinet of moisture, to ensure the stable and reliable performance of electronic components. 4, in the numerical control system hardware of control part of the maintenance for experienced maintenance electrician check once a year. Testing related reference voltage is within the scope of the provisions, such as power supply module, nc unit of each output voltage reference voltage, and so on, if not normal and remove dust; Check the system electrical components connection is loose; Check each function module USES fan operation is normal and remove dust. To stop using the machine for a long time, should be switched on 4 hours per month, so that we can extend the service life of nc machine tools. 5, machine tool maintenance and maintenance of mechanical part of the operator at the end of each processing, should clean scattered in drag plate, guide the place such as chip; Pay attention to check whether the chip removal device is normal at work in order to avoid cause chip accumulation, damage precision guide rail, endangering the life of the ball screw and guide rail; Before the end of the work, should be down after each servo axis to return to the origin. 6, the maintenance of machine tool spindle motor and servo motor maintenance electrician should check once a year and spindle motor. Inspect the running noise, temperature rise, if the noise is too big, should find out the reason, is bearing mechanical problems or matching the parameters setting of the amplifier, take corresponding measures to solve them. For dc motor, dealing with the brush and commutator, inspection, adjustment, repair or replacement, and make it work in good condition. Check the end of the cooling fan motor is normal operation and cleaning the dust; Check the motor connection plug is loose. 7, machine tool feed servo motor maintenance and maintenance for CNC machine tool servo motor, should be in 10 ~ 12 months on a maintenance, frequent change acceleration or deceleration machine to a maintenance in 2 months. 8, the maintenance and maintenance of machine tool measuring feedback element

detecting element USES the encoders, grating ruler is more, there are also using induction with the feet, magnetic tape, rotating transformer, etc. Maintenance electrician should check whether detecting element connection loose once a week, will be the oil or dust pollution.

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