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The development of CNC grinding and polishing technology and processing steps

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
Since the 60 s, with the development of computer technology, optical aspheric surface nc grinding and polishing method has been research and development. Usually, the CNC machining system with open loop control and closed loop control of two types. Open loop control is controlled by computer tool coordinates and dwell time; Closed-loop control is a machining method with feedback, it using the information obtained from the instrument to measure to adjust and control the whole process. In order to make the control process toward the requirements of surface shape gradually convergence, error correction method must be able to make changes to produce the desired change in the surface shape. Obviously, if every time a plane shape of the surface of the modified error can decrease gradually, the surface will converge to the requirements of the surface shape. The machining accuracy of this method depends on the accuracy of measurement and error correction methods. The influence of accuracy of machine tool for processing won't be very main factor. Research and development is the purpose of this processing method do not need to rely on skilled machining skills and high precision, low price of the aspherical optical surfaces. For small diameter or the steradian large aspheric parts with general computer control of the precision grinding machine parts surface grinding into the required surface form, with flexible chi optical mode the surface polishing. For larger diameter, the less the steradian precision aspheric lens or mirror, first with the usual grinding polishing method to be processed into the nearest spherical surface, and then using computer controlled polishing machine the aspheric surface modified into the required. The computer control of the small aspherical lapping processing steps of aspherical grinding forming process in general can be divided into the following steps: ( 1) Use the blank (standard size Pressed blank or properly prepared blank) Input computer, its machining allowance according to the coordinates. ( 2) Computer will this data into a control signal input of the machine tool driving system, control the relative position between the spindle and tools and speed of movement, to work out the first aspheric surface. ( 3) Grinding forming of aspheric surface with flexible polishing mold polishing. ( 4) Will polishing good parts to the clamping in the machine tool spindle, unload cutter shaft of grinding tool at the same time, change into sensing head. With the original control signal control parts and measuring head for relative motion, to measure surface shape of polishing parts. ( 5) The surface shape measurement data input computer, comparing with the original data to get the new control program. ( 6) Made from the modified control program for a second aspheric surface, and then use the flexible polishing mold polishing. ( 7) According to the precision requirements of parts, the above ( 4) 、( 5) 、( 6) These three steps to repeated many times, until we get qualified parts.
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