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The difference between the processing center and carving and milling machine

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-25
The difference between the processing center and carving and milling machine CNC machine tool production mainly in Beijing, guangdong, zhejiang leading three plates, I will to introduce to the three places.

it is generally believed engraving and milling machine is the use of small tools, high power and high speed CNC milling machine spindle motor. ( Abroad is not the concept of carving and milling machine, processing mould they are processing center ( Computer gong) Milling is given priority to, but processing center has its limits, especially in with a small tool processing small mould will be ragged, and cost is very high. At the start of the domestic only the concept of CNC engraving machine, engraving machine's advantage in carving, if processing material hardness is larger also can appear out of puff. The emergence of carving and milling machine can fill the gap between the two. Engraving and milling machine can engraving and milling, is a kind of high efficiency and high precision nc machine tools.

in the field of engraving and milling machine, each subdivided into high-speed carved machine, cutting, carving and milling machine two;

is a cost-effective high-speed carving and milling machine, because many do aluminium alloy products in the market now, and this kind of equipment can meet the requirements of customers, need not spend too much money;

there is cutting, carving and milling machine, is to keep carving and milling machine high speed of the fuselage at the same time strengthen can bear the weight of a larger, spindle power strengthened can cut milling hardness materials such as steel, iron, such as material.

application object speaking:

used to complete a larger quantity milling machining center are artifacts of processing equipment, large mould, hardness of materials, also suitable for ordinary mould open coarse;

carving and milling machine is mainly used for finish milling amount is small, small mould finishing, suitable for copper, graphite and other processing;

processing scope of recognition:

processing centers, engraving and milling machine can do metal, nonmetal can also high hardness can be made even die.

tell from the appearance size:

than carving milling machining center.

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