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TOP 7 Garage Door Companies in the World

by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-10-28
The following is a list of the world\'s seven major garage door manufacturers.
Having read this article, I am sure;
You can make the right decision on where to buy garage door parts. 1.
Production Location: France-exclusive manufacturer of garage doorsLes Grandes-Loges (51);
Price range: High-end;
Materials used: steel, aluminum, stainless steel;
Number of models: about 11 models 100% can be customized.
Guy JANSON created a reputation in 1994.
The company\'s \"Fermetures et automatis modern de l\'Est\" is close to Lance, ChampagneArdenne.
Fame provides all types of opening available on the market and has the potential to integrate the door.
The model of the Fame series has many properties in terms of enhanced insulation and safety.
They are customizable and have many options: portholes, engines, and Gates. 2. DIY-Garage-Door-
Parts Production Location: US price range: materials used in: Aluminum and PVC two models: many diy-Garage-Door-
Parts have worked in the US since last year to serve thousands of customers.
You can text them at any time in 24/7 and ask your questions. DIY-Garage-Door-
Parts not only provide garage door parts, but they can also be asked about garage door springs, characters, hinges, etc at any time. Click on DIY-Garage-Door-
If you want to visit. 3.
LAKAL: Volume
• Production Location: Germany-up garage door is his majorFrance;
Price range: High-end;
Materials used: aluminum, PVC;
Number of models: About 6 models 100% can be customized.
In 1924, the family business Lakal was established in salbruken, Germany, and moved to the new headquarters in sallouis in 2017 --Lysdorf, France
All Lakal garage doors are custom made.
Lakal\'s reputation is now evolving across Europe and relies on a range of reliable products from industrialists and individuals.
All models of the Lakal series are 100% customizable, reliable and quiet. 4.
All types and materials of the garage door • Production Location: France-Mauze-Thouarsais (79);
Price range: High-end;
Materials used: PVC, aluminum, wood, steel;
• Number of models: about 22 100% customizable.
Sothoffm is a French garage door manufacturer in Moze
Thouarsais is in decaffler ~
Sefler, founded in 1988 by Bernard Paineau.
The sothoffm garage door model combines technology with safety, ease of use, and durability.
The available colors and configurations are wide in scope, so it is possible to coordinate with other products within the scope of sothferm (e. g. , portals.
All parts of the sothoffm garage door are covered with a 10-year warranty. 5.
Production Location: Germany-NORMSTAHL: one of the largest manufacturers of garage doors in Europe-Switzerland -Sweden;
Price range: High-end;
Materials used: aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel;
• Model: about 15 models 100% customizable.
Normstahl GmbH is a garage door manufacturer established in Germany in 1946.
Today, since 2012, she has joined a large group in Sweden, the Swiss entrématchi company.
Normstahl produces about 15 different models, as well as engine systems, which are fully customizable.
The Normstahl garage door model is very well insulated, reducing the loss of energy.
Their garage door has a 10-year warranty. 6.
Production Location: France-Horman: garage door manufacturer worldwideGermany;
Price range: Middle entryrange;
Materials used: steel, wood, aluminum;
• Number of models: about 70 100% customizable.
Horman has been manufacturing entrance doors and garage doors for the home since 1969, based in Val-Gonessed\'Oise.
Holman has more than 100 distribution sites in more than 90 countries around the world.
It has a wide range of products, integrating quality, safety and individuality.
In addition, Holman designed his own products using innovative and eco-friendly technologies.
Horman garage door warranty for 10 years. 7.
CONDOOR: Dutch manufacturer of segmented garage door production location: Netherlands-Zeewolde;
Price range: Middle entryrange;
Materials used: steel, aluminum;
Number of models: about 12 models.
The company ConDoor designs and manufactures multiple doors, from Zeewolde in the Netherlands to Hungary, which is located in three production bases in the Netherlands and Hungary.
All models are durable, powerful, and customizable.
There are many combinations to choose from and there are many options: portholes, defense
Hand pliers and wickets.
Condoor is a green manufacturer.
Use green energy (wind and solar)
At its two production bases.
Finally, all the components of the Condoor garage door have a 10-year warranty period.
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