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Want to prepare for nc machine tool manufacturing and processing, you need to control and processing technology of programming on nc center on understanding and analysis of machining center

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-10-15
1 CNC machining center programming control in the process of nc machining, a basic concept must be clear, is the whole process requires program control, which is the essential difference between traditional machine tools and CNC machine tools, machining center in the process of work need to go through complex tool change process, this process is mainly in order to realize the machining process of the implementation of the order, and the need for precise nc. All the data of machine tool in the process of processing, it set the switch on the operation panel machine device and reset the equipment, operation panel including the control panel of the machine run and the work process of numerical control system used in the operation panel, the programming tool back to the control before you knife library, want to smooth implementation, this process needs to be of the number of the cutting tool to determine that this is for the installation of the subsequent keep accurate, to determine the number of time in the knife before or after install knife, no matter adopt what kind of outfit knife forms are intended to ensure that its position accurately. Should note when programming control and debugging work and developed, and the first to enter the data repeatedly confirmed that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the input. Debugging process, must pay attention to the action of the simulation degree as far as possible to avoid mistakes, meet the demand of normal work, before the process is running, must carry on the preparatory work, check the preparation work is in line with the requirements of construction projects, to determine the reasonable preparation, after open automatically processing mode, the start of the program need to press the nc startup key, and machining of implementation. Programming control processing center need to facilitate the writing of program, and to configure the macro program function, function of macro program is a kind of similar to the high level language program, in the process of application, the user can be realized through the use of macro program operations, functions, mixed operations of arithmetic and logical operations. In addition, the macro program can also provide branch statements, subroutine statement and circular statement and this application way can reduce the onerous manual programming calculation, can be used in a variety of complex process, simplify the programming process. 2 CNC machining center processing technology center's work need compound operation on CNC machine tool processing, processing center requires complex program is running, is a multifunctional processing equipment, CNC machining center and the traditional processing center, the difference between the two is that the operation of the machining center process can automatically change the knife, also bring knife library, then the traditional CNC milling machine can't do it. Machining center machine tool has the strong shock resistance and the advantages of high rigidity, its transmission system has simple structure, transmission speed, high precision, the main component is ball screw pair, preload double gears, article hydrostatic worm worm gear, etc. , and its main shaft system structure is simple, the spindle component has high wear resistance, can make the transmission system in the process of running always maintain good accuracy. Drawings of manufacturability review. Machining center tool for comprehensive, which need to be done before the process planning of parts technology analysis, the analysis of the inspection process mainly includes the part drawing, part drawing is the important factor in the process of machining, to check its completeness, correctness and the technical requirements, carefully to inspect the process structure and the locating datum for the parts and analysis. Manufacturability of parts include reducing parts processing capacity, reduce the thread and light of the specifications of the hole, to standardize the size control, make its have the convenience and feasibility, and ensure that the stiffness meet the route planning of machining center. When making the choice of the ways of processing, pay attention to the plane, curved surface and plane contour, machining center operation is commonly used method is in the process of milling, hole processing is a commonly used method, reaming, drilling and boring belong to machining, it is common in the process of machining center operation method, the processing stage when division, under normal circumstances, the core has been rough machining of parts, need only in processing center again finishing, this can save out of step. Processing operations in the division, the processing technology center will be carried out in accordance with the relevant process focus, mainly from two aspects of efficiency and accuracy, which requires the reasonable machining process arrangement, the entire sequence set to strictly abide by the base first, the basic principle of time after the home, to save time, reduce the manufacturing process of the number of tool changer. After the tool change to go through the translation or rotary table to complete more work, decrease the number of idle motion for cutting tools.
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