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What\'s driving your ride? | Chandigarh News - Times of India

by:Mingquan Machinery     2019-10-29
Chandigarh: for some people, cars are just a means of transport, but for some it is an obsession.
From adding alloy wheels to buying the latest gadgets, everything they do is to make their proud possession look gorgeous.
Now the latest is the customized alloy wheels.
The reason for choosing a new wheel instead of the original one is different for different people.
According to car enthusiast Dr. palamjit Singh Gill, custom wheels are a way to reduce the weight of the unspring, which is the combined weight of all the components that connect the wheels.
This includes alloy wheels and tires as well as disc brakes, bearings and shafts, springs and suspension.
Using light alloy wheels, you may end up reducing the weight of the unspring compared to the steel wheels.
Here, the alloy also provides a solid foundation for the weight of the car.
Car enthusiasts have one now.
The growing choice of personalized alloys, such as color
Two kinds of coded flash effects
Hue, shaded chrome and Hydro Graphics.
Now, there are two new trends. tone effect.
Here, both inside and outside, you can choose whatever color you want to match any color in your car.
Car enthusiasts say this provides the most amazing end.
The new color code means that the color of the alloy wheel matches exactly the official color of the vehicle.
Water transfer printing.
It allows any graphic design and images to be applied exclusively to rim.
Box-type rims or custom wheel steel wheels: cheaper uniforms, mainly made of stamped steel, may be bent due to potholes or any collision if the paint layer wears alloy wheels: it will be more difficult to crack the break. collisionsSalt will wear off the design 12 alloyBetter looks and chooses the monthly range of alloysPrice, including the selection of Rs 5,000 and the brand India Times news App. download the latest city.
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