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What about Mingquan delivery accuracy?
In general, Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd. would start processing the order at the first month when we receive it and would deliver the goods at the end of the second month. We are sure to give the promise that the delivery accuracy would reach 99.9 percent on average. The rest 0.1 percent is a result of “the act of the God”, such as the policy changes and the natural disasters. Once we get the order we would give you a listing to make it clear about each step and we would follow it strictly and would bear the responsibility if we fail to make it.

Mingquan has set foot in the industry of flange many years ago. Mingquan has created a number of successful series, and flange is one of them. Mingquan 316 stainless steel shaft achieves excellent levels of detail. It will prolong the service life of the equipment. The product is featured by excellent performance and reliable quality. Its package can be carton box, wooden box or designated by the customer.

Taking shaft sleeve into seriously is one of the important part in business. Get more info!
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