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What is DNC communication?

What is DNC communication?


There are two ways of program transmission: CNC and DNC. CNC means that the program is transferred to the memory of the machine tool through media media (such as floppy disk, tape reader, communication line, etc.), and the program is transferred from the memory to process. Because the capacity of the memory is limited by the size, when the program is large, it can be processed by DNC. Because the machine tool reads the program directly from the control computer (i.e. sending while doing), the memory capacity is not limited by the size.

1. There are three main elements of cutting parameters: cutting depth, spindle speed and feed rate. The general principle of selecting cutting parameters is: less cutting and fast feed

2. According to the classification of materials, the cutting tools are generally divided into ordinary hard white steel knives (made of high-speed steel), coated tools (such as titanium plating), and alloy tools (such as tungsten steel, boron nitride tools, etc.).

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