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When designing custom CNC machined parts, what to consider?


CNC machining process is one of the widely used techniques for the construction of machine parts in industries. The usage of CNC machined parts have provided multiple advantages to industries. Enhanced strength and durability of machine parts are some of the best advantages of constructing CNC machined parts. When compared to other metal parts, CNC machining provides increased strength and durability to materials. Accuracy of the machined part is one of the important factors considered during the progression of CNC machining. CNC precision machined parts assure better precision when compared to that of metals that undergone the ordinary designing process.


Designing of precision machine parts with enhanced devices can take time and high price rate for its making. This condition can be alleviated by making use of custom machining services. It assures a high return on investment value by enhancing the durability of the material with a high accuracy rate. Time delay in the manufacturing process is a common problem reported in the designing and construction of industrial machines. The introduction of CNC machines can directly overcome this difficulty by assisting in the construction of metal parts with enhanced accuracy. Tuning of metal parts using ordinary techniques may not serve as a cost-efficient way to enhance production rate on time. Hence it is suggested to prefer custom machining services to save time and cost of production.


Design internal radii


Following certain tips, while doing custom machining services can enhance its durability naturally. Tuning of the internal radius of metal parts assures multiple benefits during the making process of machine parts. Designing the internal radii of metal with different layers allows the usage of CNC machined parts to be compatible with more number of similar products. The reduction of the internal radius is generally done by making use of a diameter machining tool. This process can lead the way to the breakage of tuning metal. Hence internal radius machining is done at a reduced speed so as to prevent the breakage of the CNC machining part.


Limit cavity length


Change of tools during the making process of metals with different radii is a common problem reported in industries that can take time delay. This condition can be alleviated by putting at least one-third of the cavity in the internal radii of metal. It allows easier machining process of metal parts with different radii. Limiting the cavity length holds a key role in promoting the durability of precision machined parts. As per studies, it is suggested to limit the cavity length below 4X times the value of the diameter of metal. Increased cavity length with varied radii can decrease the strength of metal that can promote its breakage process. Hence feel free to check cavity length prior to the designing process of CNC machined parts.


Increase the width of the internal layers


The thickness of the internal layer is one of the main factors checked while designing the CNC machined parts. A low thickness value of a thin metal layer can lead the way to breakage of material. This condition can be reduced by putting at least 1.5 mm layer thickness to plastic material and at least 0.8 mm layer thickness to metal parts. It can promote the productivity of metals by enhancing its operation during the manufacturing process. Low thickness in the inner layer of CNC metal parts may not allow the machine to rotate at its full speed during operation. It can increase the cost of production by taking more time, more tooling equipment and more electricity. Hence thickness of layers is designed at concerned thickness so as to promote the efficiency of material during its operation.


Limit thread layer and minimize threshold value


Increasing the thread layer in the hole is not found to be useful to get optimum results as per the requirement. So as to get the best result, it is suggested to do threading in holes up to its one-third value of total length. This process can hold the metal parts in the proper place without skidding. Similar to thread length, it is also suggested to note the threshold value of metal parts while considering custom machining services. For optimum results, metal parts in CNC machine designing are constructed at a minimum threshold value.


Construct complex design in simple parts


Construction of complex metal design in simple parts is yet another tip considered while designing the CNC precision machined parts. This process can reduce time delay and price during its repair and maintenance work. The introduction of micro-holes during the construction work of CNC machine parts may lead way to breakage in metals. Hence it is suggested to avoid the designing of micro-holes during the making process of CNC metals.

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