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Which cnc machining parts suppliers company doing ODM?
Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies ODM service. We commit ourselves to provide whole, cost-effective options customized to the customer's special needs. With ODM support, we supply front-line specialized products for domain manufacturers coupled with quality service. Variety of vertical markets makes us a first-choice seller for numerous ODM customers.

In the process, Mingquan is always in a dominant position in stainless steel shaft industry. Mingquan's main products include machining parts series. The manufacture of Mingquan 316 stainless steel shaft operates according to international standards in order to be in a position to make realistic and standard-based statements. It makes a modular system simple to build and replace. The product can meet the market demand with the obvious economic effectiveness. It comes with optional surface treatments such as sandblasting, anodizing, blackening, electroplating (copper, zinc, chrome, nickel), etc.

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