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Will Mingquan become an OBM in future?
Now, Changzhou Mingquan Machinery Co., Ltd. is doing our best to become a professional OBM in future. As is known to us all, OBM is a company that not only designs and produces its own products but also is responsible for distributing and retailing its products. In total, an OBM should be responsible for everything including concept generating, R&D, production, supply chain, delivery, marketing, and service. To become a professional OBM, we have been enhancing our innovation capability, completing our supply chain and sales network, and spreading our brand popularity across the world. Our ever-lasting aim is to sell goods under our own brand name to add more value.

Mingquan has been gradually leading precision machining industry for its improving service and higher quality precision machining. Mingquan's main products include stainless steel shaft series. The design of Mingquan flange can be really individualized, depending on what clients have specified that they want. Factors such as firmness and layers can be individually manufactured for each client. It has enhanced tensile and bending strength. The product is now one of the leading products in the industry, meaning a wider reach for the marketplace. It will prolong the service life of the equipment.

All of our precision machining will undergo strict test before selling. Call now!
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