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You must know the 5 points on CNC machining

by:Mingquan Machinery     2020-04-21
The numerical control machine tool processing 5

you have to know at the time of the numerical control machine tool processing some common problems, summarize the below.

1。 CNC engraving and CNC milling machining is the main difference between? CNC carving processing and CNC milling process of milling principle has been adopted. Main difference in the diameter of the tools being used, including CNC milling cutter diameter range of commonly used is 6 - 40 mm in diameter and the process of CNC carving tools to 0. 2 - 3 mm. 2. CNC milling is only do rough machining, CNC carving processing can only do finishing? Before answering this question, the first thing we know about the process concept. Rough machining processing capacity is big, in the process of finishing the processing capacity is small, so some people habitually will be considered a 'heavy cutting' rough machining, will be processed as 'cutting'. In fact, rough machining, semi-finishing and finish machining processes is concept, it represents the various stages of processing. So, accurate answer to the question is, can do heavy cutting CNC milling machining, can also do light cutting, and can only do light cutting CNC carving processing. 3. CNC carving processing can do the rough machining of steel materials? Judge CNC engraving machining can be some sort of material, the main can see how much of a cutting tool. CNC carving processing determines its biggest removal ability of the tools being used. If the mould shape allows the use of more than 6 mm diameter cutter, is highly recommended to use first CNC milling, and then use the method of carving processing to remove the rest of the material. 4. CNC machining center spindle increase a growth in the ability to meet the carving processing head? Could not be completed. This product once in 2 years ago at the fair, but can't complete carving processing. The main reason is that the design of the CNC machining center to consider their own scope of cutting tool, the overall structure is not suitable for carving processing. The idea for this error is the main reason why they mistook the high-speed motorized spindle as the only characteristic that the engraving machine. 5. CNC carving processing can use small diameter cutter, it can replace edm? Can't replace. Although carving processing narrowing the scope of the milling cutter diameter, previously only electric spark machining small mould can be realized by carving processing now. However, carving processing cutting tool length/diameter than the average at about 5 to 1. When using small diameter cutter, can only processing is very shallow cavity, almost no cutting force and electrical discharge machining process, as long as it can produce electrode, can be processed out of the cavity.
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